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Life at B-School is an exclusive section on our website that focuses upon the aspects of the various aspects of the student life at the campus in the college. As we focus upon the entire phase of the student life cycle, this section helps the students in making key decision of joining the college or going for the better option available after coverts. There is important information available on all the aspects of the college like curriculum, events , course structure ,faculty information, student experience about the projects and internships offered at the campus, life at campus including hostel life, the places to hangout , the main events that are organized through the academic year of the college.

Life @ NMIMS- Harsh Shukla

Brief about NMIMS:

NMIMS is located in the posh locality of Vile Parle, Mumbai. It offers MBA in core(General management in 1st year and specialization in 2nd year)  and HR. The intake in core is 520 students and the intake in HR is 75 students. The college provides an excellent opportunity and platform to excel and bring out your talent to capitalize on the two years to the fullest.

What was the first thing that you learnt at NMIMS?

I learned about the aspect of relating one subject with another and what is the impact of one subject on another, how one thing works in tandem with the other. It helped me in analyzing the business problems from their impact on various departments.

Your favorite aspect about NMIMS?

Diversity. There is always fresh perspective available to solve a problem. There are people coming from different background commerce, engineering, mbbs etc. so there is always a new thought process that goes behind solving a problem. There is a vast pool of diverse knowledge and people believe in sharing their experiences.

How is the faculty at NMIMS?

Faculty at the institute is great. They have great industrial experience and believe in teaching by using innovative techniques and imparting knowledge through involving the students in the process. The teaching by the interactive process creates an impact which lasts for a longer duration.

How’s the culture at NMIMS? Describe the cultural events and activities that happen in NMIMS?

Culture at NMIMS is very open and inclusive. There is a wide audience with varied interests so there is always an opportunity to meet with like minded people. Cultural events are focused around sports, drama, music fests and celebration of festivals. The cultural events help in providing the perfect platform to bring out the talent of the students amongst the people.

What do you think makes NMIMS different from other MBA institutes?

The strength of the college along with its commercially strategic location provides it an edge over other colleges in the terms of the talent pool and the quality of companies coming to the campus. At the same time, it also ensures a high degree of competition which helps the students to evolve constantly.

What the most unexpected gain the MBA has given you?

The most unexpected gain that has happened to me is the unraveling my hidden strengths and true potential. I never thought that I had an affinity towards reading and concentrating for long hours but during the course, it was required of me to put in an extra effort. I was surprised to see these welcome changes through the curriculum. There were also some positive changes in the thought process and in terms of analyzing the problems.

One thing about your NMIMS that you love?

It is located in Mumbai. It is the city of dreams and loads of avenues to explore out here.

Life @ NMIMS- Rajat Sukhija

As one looks at the building of NMIMS, the first thing that comes to the mind is whether it’s a mall or a college!! Yes, the extravagant infrastructure is the first attraction.

The MBA life at NMIMS started with an orientation week full of various activities and getting to know people. The hustle and bustle of a B-School started right from the first week after all cells and committees’ seniors introduced about their cells and then started the race for entering into various cells.

How is the Culture of the NMIMS?

The grilling schedule of lectures, pre-reads for each lecture, the need to do class participation keeps the day quite busy. Various events being organized adds to the learning and fun part as well. Then, there are guest sessions being organized of corporate stalwarts which guide us the way forward.

How’s the faculty at NMIMS?

The faculties here are amazing and imbibed the professionalism in me with their great pedagogy.

One unexpected gain from NMIMS

Apart from the busy schedule of grilling lectures, competitions, and events.  At NMIMS as a fresher I found myself growing very fast with a lot of learning on leadership and management skills.

The perks of being in Mumbai make this journey quite interesting. How can I forget meeting P.V.Sindhu at Mumbai airport! The delicious food of Mumbai is icing on the cake.

The peace at beaches, Marine Drive de-stresses everything. Long conversations with friends, hanging out together, making plans for each weekend completes the experience.

MBA life is fun with a lot of learning. Work hard to earn it!

Life@S. P. Jain

Established in 1981, S P Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPIMR) is one of the most sought-after B-Schools in the country. Located in Mumbai, S P Jain has an intake of around 700 students every year.

Gopal Balasubramanian Iyer, a PGPM (2016 batch) student at SPJIMR, gives us some insights on a student’s life at S P Jain:

What was the first thing that you learnt at SPJIMR?



Life at MICA Ahmedabad : Worth Reading


This blog is about a day in the life of a student at MICA .

We all know the answers of Why MICA? and How MICA? But one of the most important thing that we all forget to ask or we don’t get the answer of is What in MICA?Let’s take a look into the daily routine of a student at Mica or a Mican like they call themselves.Through this we’ll come to know exactly whether it is our cup of tea or not.

A daily routine of a Mican