Strategies to crack MICA Group exercise

MICA StrategiesMICA is India’s premier management institute which is popularly known for creating Leadership in Strategic Marketing and Communication. It’s an interesting and heavy task to clear the entrance and reach the level where you start searching for guidance, and land here.

MICA’s screening process is as strenuous as it gets, to and through each level. The group exercise is the second step that builds or breaks your final step; the personal interview though both are independent of each other.

1.Every candidate gets to sit for both, despite of individual performance in any. Though the sequential order is Group Exercise followed by the Personal Interview.

2.These rounds are part of the selection process so that the institution can figure out a candidate’s overall personality, clarity in thought, ability to work in a team, knowledge, determination, maturity and find whether they fit into the culture of MICA.
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3.Usually, you’re given 10 minutes in total where a part is allocated to preparation, and the rest to presentation. How you work in a team is what they want to know from the top of it. Groups of 8-10 candidates is formed after you’ve submitted your SOP and registered.

4. Since it’s not a Group Discussion, your main goal is to complete the task at hand. The best way to approach it is, to think of it as a Board Meeting and come to a plausible conclusion after having logical arguments, instead of an idiotic emulation of the politicians in the assembly.

5. It’s important to state your point. But to stubbornly stress on it is a waste of energy as well as time if the group does not regard it as agreeable. If the group thinks it’s wrong, it might not be right.

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6.In order to talk with logic, it’s advisable to be aware of what is happening around you. You should have a solid understanding of the events that go by in the year that you lived in, or are living in.

7. In the end, it comes down to the fact that how eventful or important were you in the team’s ultimate decision. It is not a platform to show off your exuberant knowledge, but one to exhibit articulation and personality.

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What makes MICA a Marketing Mecca

MICA, Known as marketing Mecca is the favourite destination for all the aspirants wishing to pursue a career in Communication Marketing. Let’s see the main reasons behind it.

 1. The only school in Asia Pacific dedicated to core marketing with its flagship programme; PGDM(C).

 2. MICA has focused only on marketing since it’s inception 26 years ago. Prime focus and diligence in delivery                make  it a successful choice for a lot that have passed out of it, and the growing many who will.

3. With its historicity, the institution has a strong hold in the industry as major leaders are/have been associated              with it.

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4. Focused and expert approach to understand marketing as function of the company, brand as a concept and                  customer as the center of all of this.

5. Creative liberty that each individual gets, to perceive and infer his/her own validation. There is competition at             MICA too, and students are constantly motivated to buckle up, but there is a stronger sense of culture and                      interest in what is being taught, because of which they have that edge over an external not belonging to the                     institution.

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     6. Multiple chances/opportunities that a student of the flagship course gets to associate with other courses like                 CCC and FPM add to the experience of a marketer to be who needs to adopt associations in order to build his              career.

7.  The course modules are one major reason behind MICA being “the”place for Marketing. Marketing’s for and/or           of  the consumer; and what better than: Imagining India, Semiotics, Culture and Communication and                             Communication for Social Impact; to learn and understand the differences that make a community.

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8.  As conveyed through the site; “MICA’s stringent selection norms coupled with the rigour of the curriculum                   ensure  a highly committed, creatively and innovatively anchored, professionally-oriented manager, skilled in               the practice  of Strategic Marketing and Communication for the industry and the society.”

9. With specializations in marketing, brand management, research & analytics, advertising, media and digital,                 MICA  assures effective delivery of Strategic Marketing and Communication solutions to the industry,                            government and  community.

10. For any college, exposure is essential as well as obvious. In MICA’s case there are companies that just want to               recruit from the student pool at the institution, hence validating the trust that the industry puts in the                             effectiveness of quality knowledge transfer that happens at MICA.

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7 useful Strategies for MICAT Creative Writing

The Creative Writing section might comprise of one or more of Essay writing, Story building, arguments for/against a give topic. There is very little time to complete this exercise, which is why the more you practice the better you’re bound to attempt. Selection to the next round depends a lot on how well you perform in this section.

1.First and foremost, Essay Writing which has been common across years, has seen various topics based on                    current and social awareness. MICA wants to test your communication style and skill, so rather than focussing            on something that will just make you enlist the facts, it selects something that is part of your daily life so that                you get a chance to express your perspective and ideas.

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      2.Second, story writing, where you are given a set of pictures. You are required to connect the pictures and curate           a story that is creative yet exclusive. It’s simple but requires a creative bend than can give you an edge over the             others.

3.Third part of this section are the arguments. Here, a topic will be given and you will be asked to write a certain            fixed number of arguments for (as well as) against the given topic. Then you’ll be asked to conclude while taking          one assertive side where being neutral doesn’t fetch you any marks. This part helps them figure out your ability            to look at things from different perspectives.

4.The purpose of the latter two exercises is to see how you think or analyse. There’s no better way to strengthen it             than to know yourself and your surrounding. Be well aware of what is happening around you and you stand a               chance to ace it.

5.The only way you can ace this section is by completing it. And as mentioned before, it’s a time-stressed section            so you will need to practice writing to get a hang of it. It’s easier said than done, always. So get to it, right now.

6. It’s always better to be fluent, both in verbal and written expression. So brush up on your vocabulary so that                 one, you don’t fall short of words when required the most; and two, formation of phrases/sentences is apt,                      rather beautiful to read.

7. Creative writing section reveals your attitude and your talent. And is VERY important for cracking MICAT. So             ensure that you put the right amount of effort at the right time, also in the right place.

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5 Secrets to make it to MICA

Days, months, sometimes even years go in crafting the journey of a MICAn before he/she steps inside the green campus made of red bricks that invigorate his dreams and empower his goals. This effort might be intricate but it is finely achieved when the aim is intact. Mica is home to creative passionate individuals with young prosperous business minds.

1. It stands differentiated f rom the various top B-schools of the country, not just in its essence of being the school of ideas, but also in its positioning and its very own entrance examination: MICAT, which is no doubt one of the most interesting exams that a management aspirant takes. The test comprises of quantitative, verbal ability, logical reasoning and GK. Along with the aforementioned sections, there are two elaborative sections on Psychometric and Creative Writing; the makers or breakers of the exam that you write as the first step of your MICA journey. An interesting mix of subjective and objective questions is put your way that helps you explore your strengths to maximum and covers up the weaknesses that might be exploited otherwise.

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2. Hurdle, as seen by few; but opportunity as seen by the rest, is that the evaluation is somewhat discrete and as much as you can be a part of the selection process, you can rarely predict the scoring pattern. It’s close to college’s discretion and ensures that you get enough novelty for your ingenious effort put into the preparation.

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3. It becomes essential to harness your creative skills before/while applying to MICA. The writing section does not need an out breaking talent. All it needs is regular practice and a tinge of creativity that is inherent in almost everyone born in this world

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4. The second section which is the psychometric section is in place to analyse how an aspirant thinks. There is no right or wrong answer to it. It is important to remain consistent in your evaluation of yourself to clear this section because it’s only you who can know yourself the best, and this is just a tiny test of that.

5. The Group Exercises and Personal Interviews are enriching experiences in themselves. If you don’t make it to MICA, you still take something that you cherish, that teaches you something for life, or just for your next interview. You need to ensure that you are clear WHY you chose to be a part of this phenomenal institution and how does the flagship course, PGDM align to your life goals and aspirations.

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All you need to know about MICA

The most noteworthy thing while preparing for MICAT is that one never knows what really works for MICA. Their scoring patterns, group discussions and personal interviews have incredible secrets stored within them. Furthermore, the unpredictability of the test is the benchmark for its formulation and hence it leaves very little room for preparation, but what remains in our hands is to practice and make it perfect.


If you are preparing for CAT/XAT, the Quant portion becomes easy. Especially relevant is the fact, the Quant paper in MICAT is easier than CAT. This section mostly includes Arithmetic related topics including Time and Speed, Time and Work, Average, Allegations and Mixtures. Other topics include Profit and Loss, Numbers, Venn Diagrams, Functions, Probability, Mensuration, and Equations.




How do you prepare for MICA GE-PI process?

The MICAT has been designed as a comprehensive test to assess analytical and verbal ability, logical reasoning, divergent thinking, written communication skills, creative potential and general awareness about contemporary social and industry related issues including areas covering media, marketing, advertising and business.

We expect our prospective candidates to be well-read, innovative and intelligent with an analytical bent of mind. A regular habit of reading newspapers and practice in analytical and creative writing would be useful.

GE and PI – These consist of a series of interactions with the candidates to assess their suitability for the Strategic Marketing and Communication driven industry sectors. This does not require any prior preparation.


Group Exercise in MICA

Group Exercise in MICA lasts for 10 mins and usually it is held between 7-8 people. You are supposeto be yourself, contribute in meaningful ways that adds value to your group and not yourself.

Group Exercise is done to test your approach to solve any problem, and the way you handle the team dynamics. The main aim of GE is to get people to put their ideas and inclinations out in open.

The agenda of any GE process at MICA is to evaluate the candidate on following points

-To check if the person has a opinion or a point of view on any particular topic. How well can you explain your point of view and convince others and most importantly how can you back your point of view with proper explaination and examples.

-Team Player-Not every person is a born leader .Being a leader is not important,but being a team player who is actively involved in all the decisions and work is important.


Why MICA is different…and how to prepare for it…

The pattern of MICAT is different from other MBA Entrance Exams. Most of the MBA Entrance exams are made up entirely of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). However, MICAT has a paper pattern that asks objective, as well as subjective questions. The marking scheme for each section isn’t usually disclosed. Although negative marking applies only to the objective questions (except Psychometric) and will not be applicable to any of the subjective questions.

Despite the pattern changing regularly, preparation strategy for all the common sections are given below.