MICA GE PI Experience by Sarandha

Sarandha MICA CATKing GEPI Student

Sarandha MICA CATKing GEPI Student

My group was a jumpy one. Lot of cross talking. I did whatever I could to tie the group together. Gave a lot of ideas also. We managed to come up with a good idea and finished. Just that it was a little chaotic towards the end. But I think I did my part well.

PI (Personal Interview) was really nice. They started off with one of my dislikes, Body shaming, and asked me to design a digital campaign to promote it, I did using Facebook and defined a target audience and all. Tee were some counter questions on that which did answer (came up with some better ideas later but I think I gave the best I could in that moment).



general knowledgeHere are some useful tips for preparing general knowledge for competitive exams.

1. Read Newspapers Daily

We all know that “Old is Gold”, same factor is applicable here too. We need to create a habit of studying newspapers consistently. I’ll recommend you to study more than one paper.
It will be better if you study one paper of your mother language and other of English. Some useful news papers are “The Times of India”, “The Hindu”, “The Telegraph” etc.
Reading newspapers daily can make life easy in learning General Knowledge. Keeping an eye on what’s happening around may find it interesting in looking out for news daily.
We all know that staying updated is always a good idea, as it will stand you apart from the rest.
Check The Common Mistakes You Make in Tests. (more…)

How To Crack MICAT 2017


MICA Strategies           Here are some useful tips to crack MICAT 2017

MICAT 2017 or MICA Admission Test (MICAT II) is scheduled to be conducted on Sunday, February 12, 2017, for the admission in Post Graduate Diploma in Management- Communication (PGDM-C) at MICA Ahmedabad. If you would be appearing in the test, you must have had completed your preparations by now. To help you avoid your eleventh-hour panic about your MICAT 2017 preparations, this article brings ‘Last minute and Exam day strategy’. In this part, there are following sections:
a) Psychometric Test
b) General Knowledge
c) Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning
d) Verbal Ability


Strategies to crack MICA Group exercise

MICA StrategiesMICA is India’s premier management institute which is popularly known for creating Leadership in Strategic Marketing and Communication. It’s an interesting and heavy task to clear the entrance and reach the level where you start searching for guidance, and land here.

MICA’s screening process is as strenuous as it gets, to and through each level. The group exercise is the second step that builds or breaks your final step; the personal interview though both are independent of each other. (more…)

What makes MICA a Marketing Mecca

MICA, Known as marketing Mecca is the favourite destination for all the aspirants wishing to pursue a career in Communication Marketing. Let’s see the main reasons behind it.

 1. The only school in Asia Pacific dedicated to core marketing with its flagship programme; PGDM(C).

 2. MICA has focused only on marketing since it’s inception 26 years ago. Prime focus and diligence in delivery                make  it a successful choice for a lot that have passed out of it, and the growing many who will.

3. With its historicity, the institution has a strong hold in the industry as major leaders are/have been associated              with it. (more…)

7 useful Strategies for MICAT Creative Writing

The Creative Writing section might comprise of one or more of Essay writing, Story building, arguments for/against a give topic. There is very little time to complete this exercise, which is why the more you practice the better you’re bound to attempt. Selection to the next round depends a lot on how well you perform in this section.

1.First and foremost, Essay Writing which has been common across years, has seen various topics based on                    current and social awareness. MICA wants to test your communication style and skill, so rather than focussing            on something that will just make you enlist the facts, it selects something that is part of your daily life so that                you get a chance to express your perspective and ideas. (more…)

5 Secrets to make it to MICA

Days, months, sometimes even years go in crafting the journey of a MICAn before he/she steps inside the green campus made of red bricks that invigorate his dreams and empower his goals. This effort might be intricate but it is finely achieved when the aim is intact. Mica is home to creative passionate individuals with young prosperous business minds.

1. It stands differentiated f rom the various top B-schools of the country, not just in its essence of being the school of ideas, but also in its positioning and its very own entrance examination: MICAT, which is no doubt one of the most interesting exams that a management aspirant takes. The test comprises of quantitative, verbal ability, logical reasoning and GK. Along with the aforementioned sections, there are two elaborative sections on Psychometric and Creative Writing; the makers or breakers of the exam that you write as the first step of your MICA journey. An interesting mix of subjective and objective questions is put your way that helps you explore your strengths to maximum and covers up the weaknesses that might be exploited otherwise. (more…)

All you need to know about Personal Interview – MICA

After you complete your GE round, you are called for your personal internship. In the room its you with the panel list. The process usually takes from 20 mins to an hour. But mostly depends on the panellist and the way you answer.

Things to remember while preparing for the interview-

1) Have a through of all the applications of your undergraduate stream and how can it be connected to MBA.

2) Are you fit for an MBA?

You need to relate your graduate stream and MBA .And explain why you are an perfect candidate for MBA especially at MICA.