All you need to know about MICA

The most noteworthy thing while preparing for MICAT is that one never knows what really works for MICA. Their scoring patterns, group discussions and personal interviews have incredible secrets stored within them. Furthermore, the unpredictability of the test is the benchmark for its formulation and hence it leaves very little room for preparation, but what remains in our hands is to practice and make it perfect.


If you are preparing for CAT/XAT, the Quant portion becomes easy. Especially relevant is the fact, the Quant paper in MICAT is easier than CAT. This section mostly includes Arithmetic related topics including Time and Speed, Time and Work, Average, Allegations and Mixtures. Other topics include Profit and Loss, Numbers, Venn Diagrams, Functions, Probability, Mensuration, and Equations.




How do you prepare for MICA GE-PI process?

The MICAT has been designed as a comprehensive test to assess analytical and verbal ability, logical reasoning, divergent thinking, written communication skills, creative potential and general awareness about contemporary social and industry related issues including areas covering media, marketing, advertising and business.

We expect our prospective candidates to be well-read, innovative and intelligent with an analytical bent of mind. A regular habit of reading newspapers and practice in analytical and creative writing would be useful.

GE and PI – These consist of a series of interactions with the candidates to assess their suitability for the Strategic Marketing and Communication driven industry sectors. This does not require any prior preparation.


Group Exercise in MICA

Group Exercise in MICA lasts for 10 mins and usually it is held between 7-8 people. You are supposeto be yourself, contribute in meaningful ways that adds value to your group and not yourself.

Group Exercise is done to test your approach to solve any problem, and the way you handle the team dynamics. The main aim of GE is to get people to put their ideas and inclinations out in open.

The agenda of any GE process at MICA is to evaluate the candidate on following points

-To check if the person has a opinion or a point of view on any particular topic. How well can you explain your point of view and convince others and most importantly how can you back your point of view with proper explaination and examples.

-Team Player-Not every person is a born leader .Being a leader is not important,but being a team player who is actively involved in all the decisions and work is important.


Why MICA is different…and how to prepare for it…

The pattern of MICAT is different from other MBA Entrance Exams. Most of the MBA Entrance exams are made up entirely of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). However, MICAT has a paper pattern that asks objective, as well as subjective questions. The marking scheme for each section isn’t usually disclosed. Although negative marking applies only to the objective questions (except Psychometric) and will not be applicable to any of the subjective questions.

Despite the pattern changing regularly, preparation strategy for all the common sections are given below.



Exam Analysis: MICAT, 2016 (MBA entrance preparation)

MICAT is the entrance exam through which a student can get admission in the course for a Post Graduate Diploma in Management Communications at Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad.

MICAT (2016) was conducted on 13th December, 2015. The exam was computer-based and was conducted across multiple cities. This article will analyze MICAT 2016 and give you a brief idea about the exam.


Exam Analysis: MICAT (Paper)



MICAT Data Interpretation

What is the Importance of Data Interpretation in MICAT?

Data Interpretation section is included in almost all entrance examinations (CAT/XAT/MICAT etc) of B-Schools.This is because this section has the closest resemblance to the kind of problems that one has to deal with as a Manager/Ceo.