Hike: one of the trending messaging Apps, ventures into payments platforms

Hike likely to roll out payments platform before Whatsapp

Hike Messenger is set to launch a payments mechanism on its app that will be linked to the government-backed unified payments interface (UPI), a move that can make the messaging app the first in India to have the capability ahead of peers such as WhatsApp.  Hike messenger is yet to make money. It will only start making money by 2018, perhaps 2020 as stated by its founder Kavin Bharti Mittal. The 28-year old is sun of Sunil Bharti Mittal, the founder of Bharti Airtel.

The home-bred messaging app, which raised $175 million last year from Tencent and Foxconn, valuing the company at $1.4 billion, may launch peer-to-peer payments within the app and provide a platform for making digital transactions such as recharges for mobile phone subscriptions, people aware of the company’s plans.


10 Tips to Crack NMAT

NMAT is the first step of getting admitted to any MBA Full Time course at NMIMS Mumbai (and PGDM courses at NMIMS Hyderabad as well as Bengaluru). There are other schools that accept the NMAT score for admission to their respective courses. It’s difficult to get into a premier B-school, but like anything else, it is not impossible.

1) You can take NMAT up to a maximum of 3 times: (first attempt plus 2 retake attempts) including no show. But you need to keep a gap of at least 15 days between two successive attempts.

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2) Since it’s a test of efficiency, in order to ensure concept clarity on fundamental formulae and number operations, begin with basics such as LCM and HCF , odd and even, prime numbers. Once this is done, move to advanced concepts.

3) Sharpen your mental calculation ability. Get familiar with multiplication tables, squares, cubes, common fractions and their percentage equivalents.

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Life @ NMIMS by Saumya Bansal

NMIMS, Mumbai offers MBA to over 500 students every year, with an option of choosing your specialization from Finance to Marketing to Operations to IT to HR. Apart from wide range of subjects it also encompasses a number of student run committees which conducts events at regular intervals, thus keeping the students engaged around the year.


During the first year, the classes start at 9:00 am, some lucky days maybe 10:45 am and run till 2 pm mostly. But trust me the day never ends there, you always have presentations to prepare, reports to make, study the new subjects from seniors, colleagues, pre-reads for the next day lectures and so much going on that if you are able to leave by 8pm, you consider it a good day. The things pace down a little when you reach the second year depending upon the subjects you choose.


Time Management for NMAT

NMAT is all about speed. This is one exam where the “slow and the steady” might not necessarily win the race. NMAT wants you to be quick, and steady, at the same time. And the key to being quick and steady is time management.

Following are some tips to make sure that you do not waste time during the day of the test:


All About NMIMS


This blog contains information about NMIMS

An Overview of NMIMS

NMIMS is one among the quickest growing and therefore the top, private University within the country. It’s undergone an incredible transformation since its commencement. Today, it stands as an outsize imposing University with seven specialized faculties and 2 off-Campus operations, with associate intake of over 6000 students and over two hundred full time college members. From its temporary location at Bhaidas area, NMIMS has moved to an outsize complex of over 40000 sq feet where it stands today as a landmark in Vile Parle, an affluent community of urban center.