SNAP Analysis

SNAP 2016 Analysis


Overall exam pattern:

The overall structure of the SNAP exam went some change as compared to the previous years. The exam consisted of 3 sections having 40 questions of 1 mark each (Quantitative Ability, General English and Analytical & Logical Reasoning) and one section having 30 questions of 1 mark each (General Awareness). In the previous years, the Analytical & Logical Reasoning section consisted of 30 questions with 2 marks while General Awareness consisted of 40 questions with 1 mark each. SNAP-2016 was distinctive by a Medium to Difficult Quantitative Ability section, Difficult General English Section, Medium to Difficult Analytical and Logical Reasoning section and a Difficult General Awareness section.


The best way to increase one’s score would have been to select questions prudently and read quickly and not to spend too much time on the questions that appeared difficult.


SNAP 2016 Exam Analysis


SNAP 2016 had given a new twist to the exam pattern which saw a drastic change in the weightage assigned to the Logical Reasoning and the General Awareness Sections.

SNAP tested students on Speed, Logic and Analytical skills, though the number of marks allocated changed the type of questions in the aptitude exam were on the same lines as last 2 -3 years. Preparing from the previous papers would surely have helped the candidates.