SNAP 2017 Analysis

SNAP 2017 Analysis

SNAP 2017 continues this academic seasons trend of throwing surprises with many innovative type of questions in every section. Let’s try and understand each sections difficulty level and areas of focus:

Exam Overview:

SNAP tested students on Speed, Logic and Analytical skills, this year particularly there was a higher focus on the analytical skills which was evident with infographics being introduced in the reasoning section.

In all the sections, the Quants and Verbal section were easy and could be easily managed provided you ensured to skim through all the 40 questions as there were lengthy and time consuming questions as well. Data Interpretation for a change was not too calculation intensive and had 2 easy sets to solve. Quantitative ability: This had 2 data interpretation sets and apart from that as always arithmetic dominated the paper.

Logical reasoning was a twisted section with lot of surprises, barely any conventional analytical puzzles were there. More focus on data analytics with questions coming from clocks and calendars. Infact the infographic was a big hit which tested you on your interpretation and analytical skills. Verbal reasoning questions were eliminated this year to make their way for Game theory based questions. The scoring part were the basic blood relations, coding decoding and mathematical operations, input output based questions.

Verbal ability as expected was not like CAT dominated by Reading Comprehension; this exam had only 2 very straightforward passages but were lengthy each comprising of 6 questions each. Vocab based questions: synonyms, antonyms, idioms and phrases were from the Norman Lewis one thing always recommended by me to all MBA Aspirants except for a few tricky ones but knowing the roots would have helped to take a smart guess ! , said Rahul. Parajumbles could trick students if they haven’t practiced, grammar was very basic.

There were some conceptual grammar questions based on the parts of speech which definitely were on the difficult side.

Current affairs section had both 2016 and 2017 questions as expected, and the highlight was there on Personality based questions and also recent last 15 days questions from business and economic times. The GK Maximizer students of CATKing would have been able to get at-least 10-12 questions in the section provided each eBook was studied.

Negative marking existed for the Multiple choice questions; 1/4th ie: 0.25 negative marks.

The exam was not very difficult, was manageable provided your concepts were clear, general awareness was repeatedly done from a managerial perspective and if you had a command on speed. 150 questions 120 minutes definitely tests you on that more than the NMAT now; General awareness is what makes the other sections doable.

A good attempt would be 80-85 Questions and the overall expected cut off for SIBM would be 65-70

Gear up for the Upcoming Exams GK

NMAT 2017

Sanjana Varada’s journey to NMIMS

How did you prepare for NMAT?

For the verbal section, I swear by Word Power Made Easy.It contains the easy way of learning the words as it describes the roots of the words.The practice word helps to get immense practice.

For LRDI and Quant, I followed the same preparation strategy for CAT.

I also followed NMAT by GMAC(Take the NMAT by GMAC™ exam to pursue the career of your dreams!) .This book has lot of practice questions related to synonyms, antonyms etc. The more you go through these words,more will be the familiarity with them .You can also go through a couple of mock tests on NMAT which will give you an understanding of the level of questions asked.Knowing Percentage equivalents, formulas, squares, cubes of numbers will be a lot of help.As I was facing problem with the speed while attempting the paper. I practiced mock exams diligently which helped me in improving my speed in attempting the paper.

I always followed a single order while attempting my mocks which helped me get acquainted with the actual exam pattern.

After each and every mock, I revisited all the questions inorder to check where I made mistakes and did all the problems which I could not in the exam

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What was your approach to prepare for the NMIMS CDPI?

The first step in attempting NMIMS CDPI is to prepare the SOP, one for CORE and one for HR.I aligned my career plans with respect to MBA in Marketing as I wanted to pursue my MBA in Marketing.Every word in the SOP has to be carefully articulated as the interview could be driven on the basis of the SOP.

As far as the CD is concerned, It would be a general case study on the current trends or any generic topic. I diligently prepared all the current topics like Demonetization, Brexit etc. Attending a couple of mock GDs in the nearest coaching center should be great use. This practice helped me getting over the fear of GD and speaking in public.Be well versed with current affairs.

For the interview, I learnt the different streams in MBA, the basic definitions of Marketing.WHY MBA???WHY Marketing??? This should be sorted as this is one of the basic questions.I also made sure that I knew in and out my work at TCS.I was asked a couple of questions on my work experience.All work experience people should be knowing about the nitty gritties of their job

Apart from all this,confidence and cool mind should help.

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How was your interview experience – excerpts from that

The first question in my interview was WHY MBA??WHY Marketing as written in my SOP.

A couple of questions were asked about my work experience.Minute details regarding the tasks assigned to me. I was asked if I had taken up any leadership role.Since I mentioned about leading a team, I had to answer about how I handled my client calls and conducted company specific negotiation in the interest of the organization and the client.

Second part of the interview revolved around me being asked to sell a product to the interviewers.They told me that my creative skills would be put to test. I told them creative approaches of changing the design of the bottle to align to the needs if the target audience.

The later part of the interview is mostly about my personal interests and hobbies. We have to make sure that we are not lying at any point in time and should be very well versed with our hobbies and interests.

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CD: The CD was a case study on the health care industry.The gave us a sheet of paper with the case study and gave us 5 minutes to gather our thoughts.I spoke about the pros and cons of the topic given. Everyone gave their points about how we should implement the idea,the amount of budget and the factors concerning the case.

After 10 minutes of discussion, everyone of us had to conclude the topic and give our opinion on the same.

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5 Must things to do for CAT Exam

                                   How to Prepare for CAT 2017 

CAT or the Common Admission Test will be conducted by IIM Lucknow on November 26, 2017. Experts suggest that if you are serious about cracking the most competitive management entrance exam with around two lakh test takers, you must have at least three months in hand for CAT 2017 preparation. The last minute preparation is equally important as it can make or mark your performance on the day of the CAT 2017 exam.

1. Give Maximum Mocks

Mock tests and model papers are a must and can be practiced to brush up your skills no matter how many times you have already solved one. You need to make a conscious effort of keeping track of your speed and accuracy to solve the questionnaire. Every attempt can make you realise something that you missed earlier.Regular practice with a scheduled stretch will not only help increase your question-solving speed but also make you habituated to sit for three hours. “Regularly practice and revise the formula, vocabulary and grammar rules, so that you don’t have to think hard on the exam day.You must take computer-based mock so that you are familiar with the actual test environment. Taking the mock CAT in real environment will make you completely prepare for CAT 2017 and save any wastage of time on understanding the mode of test.

2.  Mock Analysis is must

After every CAT mock test, you must analyse your performance and evaluate your scoring areas.  Analyse your strong as well as weak suits in the respective areas (namely quant, verbal, logical reasoning, data interpretation) and ideally, start with the preparation of your weak areas and focus on making them your strong areas. Follow the five crucial steps listed below in the suggested order for sure-shot results:

  • Begin with the solved examples in the book
  • Then move onto the unsolved examples
  • After you are well versed with the examples in the book, test yourself further by taking as many mock tests as possible to get used to this Computer Based Exam(CBT)
  • Finally resort to previous years’ CAT papers and monitor your progress
  • Thereafter, practice and practice and practice more

3. Don’t compromise with accuracy

Time management is one of most important part of the CAT with prioritisation of questions becoming one of the key areas to success. As you go on attempting questions during your CAT, make sure that you compromise very little on accuracy.While speed is important to increase your number of attempts, maintaining a higher level of accuracy is even more important to convert your attempts into your score. Also, achieving a higher level of speed without a high level of accuracy results in negative marking also, making it a double loss proposition with your time spent on the question reducing your overall score by 1 marks. CAT has negative marking pattern with three marks awarded for every right answer and one mark reduced for every wrong answer.

4. Get well-versed with the paper pattern

CAT will have three following sections:

The segregation suggests that candidates have no escape. It will be mandatory to attempt all sections and achieve the minimum required percentage in individual sections apart from the overall total to make it to any of the IIMs. Also, some questions in each section may not be of multiple choice type. Instead, direct answers are to be typed on the screen.

5. Make your strategy

  • Prepare a schedule, Learn to manage your time effectively while maintaing speed and accuracy  in solving a given problem.
  • Do not keep important topics to be covered in the last moment. Last moment prepartion always creates confusion . Spend at least 3-4 hours everyday.
  • Although CAT is traditionally a conceptual exam based on core fundamentals, being conversant with all the shortcuts would help you to solve various problems with greater speed, thus giving you an edge as compared to your competitors.


India’s GDP Growth Decelerates to 7 percent for fiscal 2016-17: World Bank

The World Bank on January 11, 2017 cut the India’s GDP growth for 2016-17 fiscal ending on March 31, 2017 to 7 percent from its previous estimate of 7.6 percent due to demonetization.
The bank cited the immediate withdrawal of a large volume of currency in circulation and subsequent replacement with new notes as the main reason behind the deceleration of the GDP growth rate.
Highlights of the Report
The report mentioned that demonetization would have negative impact on the Goods and Services Tax, labour reforms and land reforms.


NMAT GDPI Experiance


  • Workers had quit the job after they had to do overtime and night shifts. HR department and Operations department want to get them back. Suggest the measures to deal with situation.
  • An Indian entrepreneur exports textile to US and US meltdown lead to losses for him. He and his family committed suicide, whom to blame?



MBA-CET: Mini encyclopedia for the common entrance test!

MBA-CET (Common Entrance Test) is an entrance examination conducted by the Directorate of Technical Education of Maharashtra. This exam acts as a medium for getting admission to various MMS & MBA courses in the state of Maharashtra. If you closely examine MAH-CET, you may realize that it acts as a last resort for students to get admission into management colleges of the state. Common Entrance Test is comparatively easy to CAT, GRE and GMAT.  And, this is where majority of students commit a mistake of taking the test lightly.