Exam Analysis: NMAT 2015- MBA entrance preparation

Exam Analysis: NMAT 2015- MBA entrance preparation

In 2015, the NMAT was conducted from Oct 6th to Dec 19th. The NMAT 2015 pattern was very similar to the NMAT 2014 pattern.

Marks: 3 marks for each question

Total Marks: 360

Note: There were NO NEGATIVE Marks for getting questions wrong!


The good thing is that the test allowed the students to decide the order in which they wanted to attempt the sections.

Sectional time limit: Yes

No skipping in-between sections

Note: Candidates couldn’t start a new section in case they finished the previous section before time. They would have to wait for the sectional time limit to get over.


NMAT 2015 Paper Analysis

Quantitative Skills

NMAT 2015-analysis-3

NMAT 2015-analysis-3

Difficulty level of the questions ranged from easy to moderate. As usual, Quant section in NMAT is easy as compared to CAT/XAT. A total of 48 questions in 60 mins would be a great attempt. Although geometry and numbers were in majority, the absence of Algebra made it a level game for non-engineers as well. Some students got only one question in Geometry along with an increased amount of Arithmetic questions. DI sets had some lengthy calculations. The trick would have been to identify the ones that have short calculations and less complex data sets.





Language Skills


The information on the right gives a brief idea about the break-up of questions in this section. The exact number of questions would vary from one set to another. Some questions were based directly on vocabulary. With at least 2 lengthy RCs, finishing the 32 questions in this section, in 22 minutes is not an easy task. A student would have had to get at least 18-20 questions right to clear the cut-off.








Logical Reasoning

A brief idea on the type of questions that NMAT has been giving is given below

As you can see, most of the types were covered in this section. The trick was to find the sitters and get them over with. 40 questions in 38 minutes is quite a challenge considering that students could get stuck at certain questions. At least 20 correct questions would have been necessary to clear the cut-offs. The trick would have been to not get stuck on a set for too long and move on to the next question.


Overall CUTOFFs:

For NMIMS Mumbai – Core Program: The cutoff was 208.

For NMIMS Bangalore: The cutoff would be lower and would range in between 190 and 195.


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Points to Remember:

A candidate could also schedule a re-take in case he/she would want another shot at the exam.

For more than one attempts, the best score would be considered.

The candidate could see the score of all their attempts on the NMIMS website.

This score incorporated the total score as well as respective sectional score.

According to the cut-offs declared by NMIMS, the candidate would then be selected for subsequent rounds.

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