GK Strategy for XAT 2016

Xat 2016

GK Strategy for XAT 2016

GK Strategy for XAT 2016

Gk Strategy for Xat 2016

If you have a reasonable conceptual base across most, if not all areas assessed in the XAT, and/or if you have been preparing for other entrance exams like CAT – then you definitely have a very good chance of cracking the XAT with a month’s preparation. If not, the preparation required will be slightly more rigorous and cracking the XAT will solely depend on how much ground you are able to cover in the 30 odd days available to you.

So, as step 1, make a list of all areas that you need to know XAT Demystified Part I/II/III for assessment of the test and how you should prepare. The Math, Data Interpretation, Verbal Ability  and Logical reasoning questions are more or less similar to questions that appear in the CAT (there are topics like Probability in Math which traditionally have had a higher weightage here). However, the Decision Making and Essay Writing sections are unique to this test. Identify areas where you are already comfortable and those where you need to brush up or learn new concepts. Try and complete your conceptual preparation in the first 15 days to the best of your ability. Solve as many questions from each of the areas, as required to give you the necessary confidence in that topic.

In the next 15 days, concentrate on taking mock tests based on the XAT as well as actual XAT papers. The test now places a premium on having a high attempt and high accuracy – so taking these mock tests will help you fine-tune your test-taking strategy accordingly.

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Strategy for general knowledge

The strategy to prepare the GK Section of XAT 2016 is mentioned here for the sake of the candidate’s convenience. It is a must to know the way of preparing the particular section of XAT Exam. These points will surely prove beneficial for the students.

  • The candidate must read the newspapers for the latest news like current affairs, sports, education and current issues.
  • The questions in the GK section of XAT 2016 will be mostly from business, economic and political affairs hence focus them more.
  • Always remember the name of the major books of the current year as well as their authors.
  • Try to read the best information websites to get updated.
  • In order to improve the general knowledge, try to be in the touch of latest inventions.
  • Follow the general knowledge threads on the internet.
  • Read blogs and articles that are associated with the general awareness.
  • Keep all the points in mind and not to get confused
  • The last strategy is to notice that what’s going around us which is the ultimate source of information.

These above strategy will help student how to crack XAT GK

Important Topics for XAT GK Preparation

The important areas from which the GK Section of XAT 2016 is supposed to set are listed below. Hence prepare questions from these topics very well as these are the important ones. The major areas are:

  • Information on brands and companies
  • Current head and the tagline of the major companies
  • Current business affairs
  • Important abbreviations
  • Current Affairs
  • Books Authors
  • Organisations
  • Inventions
  • Famous-Personalities
  • General-Geography
  • Physical-Geography
  • Geography
  • Capitals
  • Currency
  • Atlas
  • Epithets
  • Universe
  • Earth-Structure
  • Seaports
  • Parliaments
  • Continents
  • Human-Geography
  • World-Agencies
  • Earth
  • Names
  • Rivers
  • Waterfalls
  • Earthquake
  • Volcanoes
  • Hydrosphere
  • Airports
  • World-First
  • Latitude-Longitude
  • Oceans-And-Seas
  • Atmosphere
  • Terms
  • Capitals

‘Budget speech of the President marks the beginning or the conclusion of budget session’

‘Difference between CRR & SLR’

‘What is the current CRR


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