IIFT Analysis – 2017

IIFT Analysis – 2017

IIFT has always been the exam that puts in surprises with the number of questions and marks. This year they have come with a major surprise the traditional 4 Sections was replaced to 6 sections, each will have a separate cutoff. Overall in terms of the difficulty, the exam was on the tougher side as compared to last year.

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The overall Cutoff is expected to go down by 10-11 marks looking at the difficulty level.


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Let’s take a deep dive into the sectional analysis:

Verbal Ability was a complete offbeat this time where we saw the back to school grammar questions like identify the adjective clause, noun clause etc. A more time-consuming section with lengthy para jumble and para correction questions. 10 to 12 questions were easily doable in this section. A good attempt would be 14 questions.

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Reading comprehensions were lengthy and not the usual factual questions. Still with time 10 to 12 questions will be a good attempt.

Quantitative Ability, was not difficult but definitely time-consuming. Keeping the overall time consuming one could attempt 12-13 questions. The section had maximum arithmetic based questions and a few geometry and modern maths.

As all exams, data interpretation was extensively calculations based, 1 set was easily manageable for all.

Let’s hope to see the results and how it goes. The overall cutoff is expected around 37-38.


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