Keval Satra

Keval SatraKeval Satra

Andheri GDPI – IIM Rohtak, NMIMS Mumbai (Calls)

Secret SUCCESS Mantra:

If you haven’t joined any classes, do watch online videos available on YouTube.

Which exams did you appear for?

I have appeared for CAT, NMAT, IIFT and XAT.

What is your score in the exam?

NMAT: 212, CAT: 98.74%tile, IIFT: 80%tile, XAT: 89%tile

What all Colleges Interview Calls Have you received?

IIM Rohtak, NMIMS Mumbai

Since when did you start preparing?

I started preparing since end of August 2016. I quit my job and started preparing diligently.

How did you prepare for each section of the exam?

I studied 1 chapter of quant daily. I had also joined online test series.

How many mock exams did you give?

I gave 25 mocks.

How many hours did you invest in studying per day?

I studied for approximately 6 hours daily in the beginning and during the later stage, up to 8 hours.

What were your strong and weak areas? How did you prepare and what special efforts did you put for improving your weak areas?

Verbal was my strong area since I had already prepared for it during my GMAT.

Quant was moderate since I made silly mistakes.

I prepared for DI and LR by watching online videos.

Any particular topic(s) in every section you would suggest that the students appearing this year should focus on?

Focus on DI and LR since it is a make or break section.

What was your D-Day Strategy?

I listened to good music to calm my nerves. Give your best shot while solving a question and retake if unsuccessful.

How was your overall experience?

Verbal was not up to my expectation since it was my strong area.

DILR was bad; I could attempt only 15 questions.

I lost hopes by the time I reached quant as I had not performed well in the other 2 sections. I ended up marking 31 questions.

One Secret SUCCESS Mantra

If you haven’t joined any classes, do watch online videos available on YouTube.