Micat 2016 a dream that came true

Micat 2016 a dream that came true

There’s a very famous quote that says, “Where there is hope there is a way.” This man Ronak is the best example for everyone of us that loose hope after a small hurdle.The journey of Ronak from failures to the peak of success is a lesson we all should learn.

Micat 2016

This blog has an exclusive interview of Ronak and his journey of Micat 2016.

How did you prepare for your examinations?

It was month of September and I was totally confused on what to do and how will I crack any B-school entrance.So you know now there were hardly any preparations or planning done by me. It was also my second attempt and TIME class was of no worth.

How did you manage to crack Micat 2016 or are you just pretending to be screwed but were prepared for the examination in reality?

No.I was actually screwed up and didn’t know my way out of this chaos.When there is no option you held onto whatever last straw you get and that’s what I did. There was a free demo session of Rahul Singh and that was my last straw and I held onto it. The demo session was free so there was nothing that I was loosing but there were chances of gaining something.

Micat 2016

This blog has an exclusive interview of Ronak and his journey of Micat 2016.

What was so great about that lecture, how can one man clear the chaos of your life?

A poor man doesn’t have many choices and I was at that position no hopes of clearing any B-school examination so whatever I got was fine for me but what I got was worth millions.I still remember a young and tall man entering the class with a loud voice and said “what’s up party people”? Those three hours at CATKing changed my life and helped me take the first step to crack Micat 2016.

Was there a time when you lost all hopes?

I had no hopes at the start but this course not just helped me to crack Micat 2016 but also played a major role in boosting my confidence.This course of Micat at CATKing helped me to not just crack Micat 2016 but also clear my GE/PI. For me after joining this course there was no looking back.

Some of the tips for future Mica aspirants

  • Never loose hope
  • Thrive for your goal
  • Be a Leader
  • Join this course since it will not just help you to crack Micat 2016 but will make you Mica material.

Tell us something about this course and why should someone enroll for this course?

  • The level of motivation and also not to forget the Verbal class of Rahul sir and Quantative class of Manoj sir was above par which helped me to convert MICA.
  • The online content by Rahul sir is brilliant.
  • The detailed Videos of all the topics by Rahul sir and other faculty uploaded helped me a lot.
  • The best part is that I could access those videos anytime anywhere 24/7.
  • Catking changed my life and of may others. Joining catking and following Rahul sir was the best thing happened to me.
  • After converting when I had a talk with Rahul sir and felt that not I but he has converted mica, that shows that every aspirants dream is his dream CATKing’s dream.



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