Rachna Shah

Rachna ShahRachna Shah

CATKing Borivali – NMIMS Mumbai (Call)

Secret SUCCESS Mantra:

Stay Glued!

Which exams did you appear for?

I have appeared for IIFT, NMAT and SNAP.

What is your score in the exam?

IIFT: 78%tile, SNAP: 79%tile, NMAT: 209

What all Colleges Interview Calls Have you received?

NMIMS Mumbai

Since when did you start preparing?

I started preparing a year ago.

How did you prepare for each section of the exam?

I concentrated mostly on Quant since it was my weak area but also stayed in touch with other sections.

How many mock exams did you give?

1 for NMAT, 3 for IIFT and 2 for SNAP.

How many hours did you invest in studying per day?

I studied for 1 hour a day.

What were your strong and weak areas? How did you prepare and what special efforts did you put for improving your weak areas?

Quant was my weak area so I gave maximum time to prepare right from basics.

Language and logic was strong so practiced all types of questions.

Any particular topic(s) in every section you would suggest that the students appearing this year should focus on?

Find your weak areas and focus more if you have more than 6 months in hand. If less than that then make your strong areas stronger.

What was your D-Day Strategy?

Stay calm, get good sleep, and move on if unable to answer in first 30 seconds.

How was your overall experience?

Cracking entrance exams is not easy, but it is not impossible either. (For a non-engineer)

One Secret SUCCESS Mantra

Stay Glued!