Step Towards MICANVAS !

Step Towards MICANVAS !


For All those who missed out the Workshop ! Here is Your Strategy to Crack MiCAT !

What does MICA Look For ?

A. Creativity  : “How vague?” ” How Subjective” This is so difficult to judge, practice, learn or understand. Conventionally termed as Think Outside the Box ! I say that’s all crap… believe me creativity is simply “Thinking inside the Box” Exploring the untapped regions, corners of the box which is your mind. Wrack a little head and you all have the creativity within you….. just go with thinking beyond the first few ideas that strike you

B. Divergent Thinking ! : That’s the Buzz Word …. MICA Loves people who think unique, different. Be Open. Be Bold. Be Honest. Going by the years of experience MICA Loves Humour and some fun so go ahead be a little naughty 😉

C. Descriptive : Let Loose your Imagination. Cut the crap and get into detailing, make me visualize the scenario with expressions, emotions, sound effect…. If I can Imagine it in front my eyes ! Bang on See the MICA Call Letter Arriving soon in your inbox.

D. Communication Skills: Duh uh ! MICA is all about Communications and Marketing. You better make use of the Norman Lewis I made you guys ingrained too 🙂 Get into the flow of writing but not at the cost of your grammar and spellings. That’s like a fatal error !

That goes well for the Creative Writing – The DEAL Braker in MICAT !

The other critical focus point is the Psychometric Test : – “Not to drive you nuts” but similar questions are repeatedly asked…. get the idea what we looking for ?

Being Consistent

Leadership Qualities

Young Enthusiastic Minds !

So Define Your Personality and ensure that’s consistently reflected in your responses.


Check Your MICAT 2 Shortlist:  All those Shortlisted watsapp on 9833982635 to get added to the Exclusive Watsapp Group


Those Serious on MICA: Join the CATKing Achievers Club Register


Reference for MICAT Written:

For those of you who still are clueless. … What  ?How ? Where do I get practice from. Here’s Your Luck …..(Download Files)

MICA Word Associations : CATKing_500 MICA Word Associations

GK : Get’s the Marketing flavor, with the new dean (ex SP Jain Marketing Prof ) in reign let’s rev up our skills to match it up !

Brands and Taglines: Slogans & Jingles

Brand Awareness Important MICA Brand Awareness

Psychometric Tests: CATKing MICA Psychometric Test  /  Psychometric Test

Writing Practice:

CATKing Story Writing

CATKing Argument Writing

CATKing_Descriptive Story Writing

ALL The Best Guys !! Kick Some A** and Get the MICA Call….eagerly waiting for the GE PI Sessions of MICA.

Stay Glued !





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