Why MICA is different…and how to prepare for it…

Why MICA is different…and how to prepare for it…

The pattern of MICAT is different from other MBA Entrance Exams. Most of the MBA Entrance exams are made up entirely of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). However, MICAT has a paper pattern that asks objective, as well as subjective questions. The marking scheme for each section isn’t usually disclosed. Although negative marking applies only to the objective questions (except Psychometric) and will not be applicable to any of the subjective questions.

Despite the pattern changing regularly, preparation strategy for all the common sections are given below.

Read on to learn how to prepare for MICAT and score well in the test:

1) Creative Writing: This is a section of the exam that cannot be predicted. This section tests you on your creative skills.

  • Essay Writing: This question asks students to write on topics that are directly or indirectly based on the daily happenings and issues. The topics usually refer to current affairs and social issues. Sometimes, the topic may be a combination of two or three issues as well. Therefore, make sure that you are well read on a variety of different topics.
  • Story Writing: This question usually asks the candidate to form a story based on a given set of images. The story writing question tests your creativity.

mica writing

Now there is no specific method to prepare for it. What you can do, is read creative short stories. Reading different stories will give you an understanding about how different topics can be connected and weaved into a story. Once you have an idea, start practising writing small stories. Ask your friend/classmate to give you random words/topics/images, from which you can then write a story. You can then evaluate your story and keep practicing in the same manner.

  • Arguments (in favour & against): In this question, one has to give merits (points in favour) and demerits (points against) on the given topic. The question usually asks students to write 5 point for each part.

Again, the only way to prepare for this is to have awareness about recent and current issues. Therefore, keep reading stuff. Also, while reading, make sure that you consider every aspect and viewpoint on a particular topic. Having an idea about different/opposing viewpoints will help you to generate the for and against points for this section.

Practice Writing articles/viewpoints/stories every day.

2) General Awareness: This section tests your knowledge on Business, Marketing, Current Affairs, Brands (both national & international), Advertising Agencies, Companies and taglines, Celebrity Endorsers, Start-ups, critically acclaimed/social films, and others.

Remember, General Awareness isn’t done in a day and you will have to read and keep revising what you’ve read, on a daily basis.

Also, start reading magazines/online blogs/newsletters pertaining to Advertising and Media. You will then get a good idea about the world of media and communications.

3) Psychometric Test: This section has no right or wrong answers. Therefore, it is also devoid of any negative marking whatsoever. This test evaluates your psychology/personality. Your answers to the questions reflect your aspirations, motivations, inclinations along with your behaviour and ethics.

There is no right or wrong in this section. And you shouldn’t prepare for this section as this section does not test you on anything. It merely analyzes and pinpoints your personality.

4) Aptitude Section: If you are preparing for other MBA Entrance Exams like CAT, SNAP, NMAT, etc., then your preparation for this section will be taken care of. The aptitude section in MICAT doesn’t have any exclusive topic or area which isn’t covered by other exams. For Quants, your basics should be strong. You can focus on Arithmetic, followed by other topics like Probability, Mensuration, Numbers, Equations, Venn Diagrams and Functions.

For Verbal, focus on studying fill in the blanks, para jumbles, and para-completion. Topics to be covered in Reasoning are Data Sufficiency, Statement and Conclusion, Visual Reasoning, Word Association, Statements & Conclusions, and other similar topics.

The difficulty level ranges from easy to moderate. So keep that in mind while preparing for the exam.

Remember, along with your aptitude, MICAT also tests you on your creative skills. It is one of the few entrance tests that engages your brain in an off-beat way. Also, MICAT is known to throw in surprises, with respect to the paper pattern, every year. Changes are usually in the number of questions and/or in the duration of a section. So, be prepared for any such changes.

All the Best!!

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