Vaidehi Patil

Vaidehi PatilVaidehi Patil

CATKing Andheri – SP Jain and NMIMS Mumbai (Calls)

Secret SUCCESS Mantra:

Don’t lose hope.

Which exams did you appear for?

I have appeared for CAT, NMAT and XAT.

What is your score in the exam?

NMAT: 214, CAT: 84.16%tile, XAT: 83%tile

What all Colleges Interview Calls Have you received?

SP  Jain and NMIMS Mumbai

Since when did you start preparing?

I started preparing since March 2016.

How did you prepare for each section of the exam?

For Quant and DI, practice is the virtue. I practiced everyday.

For Verbal, I started reading a lot. Learning more vocabulary.

How many mock exams did you give?

I started by giving one mock per week. Then 2 mocks per week towards the end.

How many hours did you invest in studying per day?

Due to my long working hours, I could not invest much time, but I tried to give 2 – 3 hours.

What were your strong and weak areas? How did you prepare and what special efforts did you put for improving your weak areas?

My weak area was Verbal, I tried reading more and more for it and improved my calculation speed.

Any particular topic(s) in every section you would suggest that the students appearing this year should focus on?

Geometry and Number Systems in Quant.

Vocabulary in Verbal.

What was your D-Day Strategy?

On the day of the exam, being calm helped me to crack the exam.

How was your overall experience?

It was a good experience overcoming the weakness.

One Secret SUCCESS Mantra

Don’t lose hope.