10 Best Free Study Resources for GRE

10 Best Free Study Resources for GRE

More than 800 business schools in 70 countries across the globe accept the GRE General Test as an alternative to the GMAT for MBA admission. The number of business studies applicants selecting the GRE exam has nearly doubled over the last three years and keeps growing. Moreover, thousands of graduate schools, as well as departments and divisions within these schools, use the GRE as an indicator of aptitude for studies in Master’s degree programmes.

1. CATKing’s GRE Vocabulary 555 Wordlist

CATKing’s GRE vocabulary wordlist cover more than 555 of the most important GRE words.
The wordlist are designed to help you:
1. Improve your GRE Verbal Score.
2. Master the 555 most important GRE words.
3. Master words on every level.
4. Focus on words that are the right difficulty for you, regardless of your verbal skills.
5. Focus on the words you most need to review, saving you time and making sure you remember what you have studied.

To check or download the list click here

You can Study on the app also by downloading CATKing Vocabulary Android app.

2. Оnline GRE strategy session

The GRE strategy session is a useful guide if you are unsure about how to start your GRE preparation. You can register for one of Veritas Prep’s upcoming free live online GRE strategy sessions – an hour-long workshop hosted by instructor Brian Galvin – where you will learn helpful strategies to help start your GRE preparation.

For more assistance from Veritas Prep, check out their free GRE articles and resources section. There, you will learn how to save time on test day, tackle the most challenging questions, and build confidence while preparing for the GRE. You will also have the chance to familiarise yourself with the structure and components of the test and become a more effective test-taker.

3. GRE study guide

A comprehensive study guide designed to help students get their bearings at the start of their GRE preparation. The guide is packed with all kinds of useful information such as a description of the sections and an explanation of the scoring system. You can learn how to choose a study strategy and also find a lot of other helpful tips.

4. Powerprep II

The Powerprep II software offers free online practice tests from ETS, the organization that administers the GRE. You can also learn the basics of the test, such as how the calculator works or how to flag and return to questions.

This free software includes the option to take practice tests under extended time and extra break conditions.

Powerprep II is designed to help you:

  • Understand what is being tested
  • Gain familiarity with the various question types
  • Become familiar with the tools of the test, including the on-screen calculator
  • Understand scoring
  • Practice taking the test under timed or untimed conditions

5. Practice book for the paper-based GRE exam

This is the second edition of the ETS practice book that offers a simulated test-taking experience of the paper-delivered exam. It includes one full-length paper-delivered test, test-taking strategies, sample Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning questions with explanations, sample Analytical Writing topics, scored Analytical Writing responses, plus reader commentaries and information on how the test is scored.

6. ETS essay topic pool

ETS has made available the entire pool of tasks from which the essay prompt will be chosen. This means that you can find the topic that you will see in your GRE exam.

7. Manhattan Review GRE diagnostic test

It is important to begin preparing for the GRE by taking a practice test under similar time limits and conditions as the real test, to assess where to focus your efforts. The Manhattan Review GRE Practice Test is a section-adaptive test just like the GRE General Test.

Manhattan Review’s online GRE practice tests are designed to imitate the look and feel of the actual exam. Use this free GRE practice exam to familiarise yourself with the GRE and to pinpoint the areas where you need the most practice.

8. Kaplan GRE practice test

The Kaplan practice test is somewhat similar to Manhattan Prep’s. However, bear in mind that Kaplan tests are widely regarded as tough. The questions in this practice test are more difficult than those you will see in the real GRE, so don’t worry if your scores are lower than normal.

Actually, it doesn’t hurt to raise the bar a bit. Facing the challenging Kaplan test will help you master the real GRE exam. You will need around four hours to complete this test

9. McGraw-Hill GRE practice test

McGraw-Gill offers one free test on their website. In addition, you will find explanations for each and every question on the test. You will also find problem-solving videos and other GRE preparation resources.

10. Quizlet flashcards

Here you will find a vast source of flashcards about the GRE exam made by other students.

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