How to score 320+ in GRE in 30 days?

score 320+ in 30 days

How to score 320+ in GRE in 30 days?

“Work hard in silence. Let success make the noise”– Quoted by someone who would be on the same stage as you once upon a time, took the plunge, and got tested results.

The noise of success is louder than the fearful voices inside you. And once you experience it, you will not look back. You will just go to that phase again and again, and make it happen. Just the first step is required. And, we assume the first step is taken if you are reading these lines. You look determined and confident, already.

You have 30 days in hand and that is sufficient to change the game. We have seen this in the past and we are sure to see it in the coming times.

Your goal is to cover each and every chapter that comes your way. This is GRE and leaving is not an option. The questions you would expect to leave will appear on the top of your question paper. Therefore, we are not advising you to go by this way.

TIP Along with the prescribed time table, learn 5 words daily.

Here, a well-designed plan for you to score your dream numbers:

Day 1- 2: Refer to the previous year question papers and recognize the GRE exam pattern.

Day 3-8: The hardest is to be done first. We would advise you to opt for data analysis and reading comprehension alternatively in the first five days and keep it aside. This section is lengthy and needs more practice. You will have time at the end in case of doubts.

Day 9 – 10: Geometry is the second hardest part in the quantitative reasoning section and requires practice. Therefore, opt for it and keep aside.

Day 11-12: Sentence completion

Day 13-14: Algebra

Day 15-16: Sentence equivalence

Day 17-18: Arithmetic

Day 19-20: These two days are kept aside for the difficult and remaining part. There would be some parts which you would have left in a hurry or there would be some questions that were difficult than the usual ones. You try to solve this category in these two days.

Day 21-28: This entire set of 8 days is dedicated solely to previous year question papers and test series. It is advised to take two tests a day to improve your speed but you can go with one a day too. However, make sure you are doing some other revision work alongside if you are opting for just one test. Simply wasting the other half of the day is a total ‘No-no’. The aim is to increase the speed as well as your knowledge through the old and new test series.

Day 29: Revise all the formulas and words that you find difficult.

Day 30: Keep calm and relax! This is your cookie day if you have done everything right in the first 29 days. You deserve it.

In case you feel you need more GRE preparation; you can opt for the last day to feel more confident.

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