How to attempt a CAT paper ???

How to attempt a CAT paper ???

As we already know CAT paper has 100 questions – To know more: see my previous blog :

kid-thinking280How to start for CAT : CAT Pattern and Quick Tips

Now, let us focus on the strategy of how to attempt a CAT paper –

As we know CAT is one of the toughest exams, the right strategy is to attempt maximum questions and have a satisfying accuracy rate. Not attempting less questions – with 100% accuracy.

In a paper of 100 questions, there is no need to get all the answers right, we just need to get 40 to 60 questions right to get into a good MBA College (IIMs).

LTQGMM – The Magic Mantra



What this mantra really means is, that while attempting the CAT paper, we might come across many situations in which after reading the question, we might think that we will be able to solve it but it’s just that the time consumption will be more. So in these cases, the right thing to do is leave the question because in that time we can attempt other questions in which we may get answer easily and quickly –  thereby gaining more marks.


Now, let us see how to save time in each section –

In QA, the key to save time is faster calculation; thereby making Vedic Maths a really important topic. Shortcuts and quick techniques will help you save enough that you can attempt that extra question.

51nvy9PNd4L._SX303_BO1,204,203,200_In LR and DI section,  the LR question mostly look very tempting and therefore we tend to attempt them. But we need to understand which question we might be able to solve in the given time because there will be many people who get that question right but consume more time. So leaving such questions would put you ahead in the race. For DI, VPAR (Vedic Maths, Percentages, Averages, Ratio and Proportion) are very important. If we know them thoroughly, we can solve DI questions with ease.

In VA, there is no shortcut as such ; but a command over Vocabulary can make it easy for you to understand the RCs and the questions related to it. And to get that hold, Norman Lewis -Word Power Made Easy : is the savior.

In general, Option Elimination can be used as a technique for all the sections to give you that extra edge over the others.


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