5 Changes Expected in CAT 2015

5 Changes Expected in CAT 2015

“Every year we tend to review CAT and make sure changes- each operational and content. For CAT 2015, at an operational level, we are progressing to have it on a single-day in two-sessions instead of on two-days in four sessions like last year.Currently, CAT examination is inclined towards engineers. And authorities arrange to modification that!

“Regarding the content half, one among our considerations is, score in Quant dominates the grade rank in CAT. As a consequence it brings in lopsidedness to the choice method towards a selected set of candidates from a selected background. This year we have a tendency to will address it by creating some changes within the check content and additionally by rationalising weights appointed to completely different elements of the check. This we have a tendency to hope can produce a level-playing field for all candidates, notwithstanding what academic background they are available from, and can take away lopsidedness to an oversized extent that we have a tendency to spoken higher than. we have a tendency to believe such a move can facilitate us determine candidates from varied backgrounds World Health Organization can become future leaders in their chosen profession. Such a move will facilitate IIMs bring in larger diversity within the school rooms and can go an extended means in enriching the training expertise,” same CAT 2015 convenor.

CAT notification are going to be discharged on Sunday, July 26, 2015. The notification can reveal all major changes which will be incorporated in CAT 2015.

Here are 5 major changes to expect in CAT 2015 exam pattern:

1. Introducing additional sections

In its current format, CAT has 2 main sections:

Quantitative Ability & data Interpretation
Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning

We powerfully feel that CAT 2015 can include 3 or additional sections. Most consultants feel it’ll have 3 sections:

(i) Quantitative Ability

(ii) Verbal Ability

(iii) Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

In different words, there’s a powerful risk that CAT 2015 might come back to CAT 2009 paper pattern. There’s additionally a faint risk that data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning are going to be 2 separate sections (making it in four sections).

2. Verbal: the sport changer

Verbal Ability goes to be the sport changer this year. In India, engineers dominate MBA categories. Such students have a natural affinity towards arithmetic, Quant and DI. It’s no huge secret that a lot of engineers struggle with verbal sections. If CAT communicating introduces a separate Verbal section (as hostile the present VA + LR section), candidates need to score a minimum marks in VA. Also, CAT has the history of introducing a minimum of one new question pattern in verbal section. therefore prepare for VA section this year.

3. cut-off dates

Many consultants we have a tendency to spoke to feel that there’ll be no modification in time. CAT 2015 might very well continue to be a one hundred seventy minute affair, with no sectional limitations. However, CAT 2009 was of a hundred and fifty minutes.

4. modification in sectional cut-offs

CAT 2015 caller has declared that the examination not be inclined towards quant any longer. which implies, specialize in VA and LR. we’ve got already mentioned the likelihood of verbal being introduced as a separate section. Therefore, section cut-offs can play a vital role this year. whereas overall cut-offs might not modification a lot of, sectional cut-offs can play a vital role. Candidates got to make certain that they score well all told the sections.

5. will GK build an entry?

We’re conjointly thinking if CAT can introduce GK section now. although history says it’ll do no such factor. however alternative prime national-level exams like XAT and CMAT have a GK section. CAT examination is understood to check a candidate’s power for potential managers and GK typically has no role in it.


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