5 things a CET topper does !!

5 things a CET topper does !!

CET is a Maharashtra based exam given by around 70 to 80 thousand students every year. This exam is considered as the most unpredictable one. I have previously compared all the exams with CAT in my following blog :


1.Not to wait for the official CET Notification :

Start slow, but make a routine; follow the same every day. CET is told to be a speed test- and to get a hold of that PRACTICE is the key.

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2. Logical Reasoning :

LR constitutes a major part of CET which is around 83 questions. So make it a point to solve approx. 10-15 questions every day.

Major topics to cover from LR are :

  1. Coding Decoding
  2. Blood Relations
  3. Direction Sense
  4. Analytical Puzzles
  5. One Liner Puzzles
  6. Odd one out.

Try to cover all types of questions that can be asked once you pick up a topic for solving. This will eliminate the chances of getting stuck on the final day.

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3. Critical Reasoning :

CR becomes the next subject of focus in CET. Around 25 to 30 questions are asked on the final day from this section(Strengthening, Weakening, Assumptions). To be good at CR, try to solve around 5-10 questions of CR every day.

4.Visual Reasoning :

It’s a new topic for all the MBA Aspirants. Please, don’t take this topic lightly. It’s a game changer.

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5. Verbal Ability :

Around 50 questions of VA are asked in CET. (2014- 32 questions were asked).

Read a lot and keep preparing hard.

Topics favourite for CET-

  1. Analogies
  2. FIBs

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The best college that can be covered by cracking CET: JBIMS.

JBIMS has a better ROI than IIM’s. Top 10% students of JBIMS get as good placements as IIMA. Highest package up to 35L. Next 20% equals to SPJain/ IIM I, L, K.

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