5 Things to know before launching your start up

5 Things to know before launching your start up

Entrepreneurship is a path of constant learning and route to self-development. So following are the 5 things to know before launching your startup:

1.Your passion should be your motivation

For becoming a successful entrepreneur, you must definitely take charge of your dreams and ambitions. You might have to take paths not yet trodden and aim to achieve the unattainable.


2. Skill of survival is most crucial

Most people might resign or take a temporary off from their regular paying jobs or steady sources of income before starting their entrepreneurial journey. This might pose a severe problem for most people to deviate from their usual living style. You must be mentally adapted to the initial difficulties that may arise. You can also try for part time jobs making sure that they don’t eat into your productive time spent towards development of your own venture


3. Don’t wait for “right moment” to start

In reality, there is no perfect time to start something new on your own. The best time to start is NOW!

The most critical part of your entrepreneurial journey is accomplished once you have taken the deep dive. After that initial plunge, all others fall in place. The problems and difficulties that may arise in your journey can be best tackled only once you have the direct experience with the same. Predictions and forecasting might only delay the start time of your venture.

If you truly believe in yourself and your idea, your self-confidence, and passion will drive you through the initial tough times.


4.Work to express not impress.

One of the most important mantra every successful entrepreneur should keep in his mind is to work for his self-satisfaction and contentment. It is a common tendency of human mind to be deviated from the original aim by trying to fit in themselves as per the expectations of the society. When you are on your own venture, after quitting your job, do not work to impress your parents or your friends, work to express yourself.

Work fearlessly, use your gut and do not be shy to take risks


5.Execution is your core strength.

No matter how excellent your idea might be, unless you have a through and persistent plan for execution, you are signing up for a difficult journey. Invest enough time in knowing your audience and customizing your product/services according to the same.

Don’t just focus on financing of your ideas, but also in finding and recruiting the right talent required for your venture.


Natural born entrepreneurs never lose hope and leave their passion, no matter difficult and rocky the way gets. All the best for your entrepreneurial plunge!

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