5 Tips To Crack CAT DILR

5 Tips To Crack CAT DILR

The second section in the CAT Exam is Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR). All you need to have is logic, alertness, and presence of mind to score well in the section. The section is said to be challenging but in reality, isn’t that tough if practiced well. There are a total of 32 questions with 24 MCQ questions (with negative marking) and 8 MCQ questions (without negative marking). The maximum marks that can be scored in the section are 96. For each right question, you will earn 3 marks and for will lose -1 mark for a wrong answer for the questions with negative marking.

The topics covered in the section are:

Data Interpretation Logical Reasoning
Bar Graph Seating Arrangement
Line Graph Blood Relation
Pie Chart Clock
Caselets Dates
Column Graph Direction
Venn Diagram Syllogism

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Here are 5 tips that will help you score well in the DILR section:

1. Improve your calculations

Calculations are an extremely important factor in solving both data interpretation and logical reasoning. Improve your accuracy and try achieving the right answers in the first attempt to save maximum time. Practice solving mentally instead of using a virtual calculator. You will definitely see a difference in your calculations if you practice religiously.  

2. Practice and analyze

Solve as many questions you can. Understand what went wrong with the answers that you got wrong and make sure you don’t make the same mistake again. Keep practicing regularly. Work harder on the topics that you find tough. Keep practicing all the topics even the ones you are already good at. Be careful while solving each question and concentrate completely on it. 

 3. Know your strengths and weaknesses

You need to know the topics that you are good and the ones that you aren’t too good at. Try planning upon the questions you will prefer attempting depending upon your strengths and weakness. This will reduce the probability of you losing marks because of your wrong answers. Also, don’t be overconfident about your strengths and don’t be ignorant of your weaknesses. Strive hard to convert your weaknesses into strengths.   

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4. Don’t leave any topic

Be prepared for all the topics. Do not leave any topic unprepared. Make sure you at least have a basic idea about all the topics. Not studying a complete topic can be a huge gamble. The weightage of any topic is not fixed in the exam so you never know how many questions can be asked from a topic can be asked. So it’s better and safer to do all the topics and not lose any marks unnecessarily.

5. Eliminate the options

If you cannot come to one final answer then try eliminating the options. This can make the process of coming to a conclusion. Most of the times, options can be eliminated using simple logic without thinking much or without even solving the complete problem. After eliminating the options, coming to a result will not be that difficult. This might also consume lesser time than the traditional method of solving the whole problem. 

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