5 Tips to Crack VARC Section of CAT

5 Tips to Crack VARC Section of CAT

The Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) section in the CAT exam is mainly to test your command ever the English language. Grammar, usage of the English language and vocabulary are the areas on which questions are asked. Around 70% of the questions in the VARC section are asked from the given passages. In the past few years, it is observed that the VARC section in the CAT exam is quite easy to solve. So, scoring in this section becomes extremely important in order to score good percentile. Around 30 marks are allocated for the Verbal Ability section and around 72 marks for the Reading Comprehension section.

The following are the topics that are expected in CAT:
1. Para-jumble
2. Para-summary
3. Sentence completion
4. Comprehension-based questions
5. Odd sentence
6. Fill in the blanks

Following are 5 tips to score well in the VARC section:

1. Read

Developing a habit of reading is extremely important. Being aware of current affairs, facts, history, and politics are necessary. Analyze what you have read and try writing down your opinion about it. This will not just make you aware of the current happenings but it will also improve your command over English. This will also help you improving comprehension solving skills. Reading newspapers, books and articles will expand your vocabulary.

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2. Get a complete idea about the section

You need to have the maximum idea about the section. Make sure you know everything like the number of questions in the section, marks allocated to the section, topics covered in the section, the marking scheme, etc. Having knowledge about all of this will make the process ahead easier and less complex.

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3. Practise makes perfect

No matter how good or bad you are at English, one thing that can make you score well in the VARC section is practicing. You need to keep practicing the questions related to this section regularly. Buy enough practice material and make sure you solve most of it. Make sure you know most of the concepts. Practicing every day will be of extreme help. Solve all the previous year’s question papers and the available sample papers. Solve mock tests to be even more close to being perfect.

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4. Be in the correct state of mind

Be confident of the practice and hard work you have done in order to prepare for the section. Being calm and patient do wonders not just while preparation but also while actually appearing for the exam. Do not panic before or during the exam as it can wash away all the hard work that you did before finally appearing for the exam. Being in the right mind will give more effective results.

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5. Make your strategy

Strategizing is extremely important. Plan how you will prepare and how will you write the exam. Know how many minimum questions you must attempt in order to achieve the score you desire. Allot of much time you will give to the section and how much maximum time you will spend on one question.

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