6 strategies for CAT 2015 Quant Preparation

6 strategies for CAT 2015 Quant Preparation


CAT 2015 has come back up this year with changes once more. This year a number of major changes are created within the examination pattern and conductivity of CAT 2015.

One of the most important changes that has taken place is that the introduction of on-screen calculator. With this, candidates showing for CAT 2015 have AN choice to solve issues quickly through calculators.

The number of sections within the check are exaggerated to a few from 2 sections. Also, time length for every section has been exaggerated and non-MCQ questions are going to be introduced for the primary time in examination. check takers can get AN hour (60 minutes) to answer thirty four questions in Quantitative section. the choice of sectional flexibility has been scrapped in CAT 2015 examination.

Thus, there’s plenty that CAT 2015 registrants need to work upon before they sit for the examination. however relax! Don’t worry regarding dynamical strategy and approach for CAT 2015. you would like not arrange or prefer a brand new strategy for the examination. Follow what you’ve got been doing thus far.

Here are six points one should detain mind whereas getting ready for Quantitative Section:

No New Strategy needed

The overall CAT check structure and format has modified except for any student that shouldn’t be a matter of concern. the coed ought to continue his preparation the manner he was however with a spotlight on the check taking strategy. He ought to devise a concept for the sections that area unit currently time certain.
Thus, channelise your energies in active the closing date assigned to the section instead of operating upon new examination strategy.

On-Screen Calculator

The availability of on-screen calculator shouldn’t trouble the aspirant as CAT isn’t a calculation-intensive examination. it absolutely was continuously a logic-based examination aside from a number of set of questions. Use calculator only if needed. Don’t trust it. Keep active through shortcuts and tricks.

Attempt all non-MCQ questions

The best a part of non-MCQ queries is that there’s no negative marking. So, don’t leave these questions. These questions don’t need approximation however are going to be supported logical reasoning. So, specialize in analytical and logical deduction to be able to answer these queries.

Sectional & Mock Tests

Mock checks plays an important role in orienting  the candidate with the new examination pattern and creating them snug in making an attempt a three-hour long test. Some students may still be battling their weakness. therefore begin making an attempt atleast one sectional check weekly. this can facilitate increase speed and acquire into the mould of CAT 2015 examination. CAT 2015 official web site can before long come back up with the sample paper serving to students apprehend the changes before they take the examination.

Shortcuts & Tricks

Even when accessibility of calculator in CAT examination, students are still needed to find out shortcuts and tricks for quant section. This section is numerical and problem-based wherever students need to opt for one out of 4 given choices. coaching job centres or books teaches numerous shortcuts to urge the right answer quicker than the traditional manner of determination it.

Books apart from coaching job classes’ material

Candidates following coaching job centre routine ought to endure with the materials provided on time. thenceforth observe from a number of alternative vital books and check from alternative resources. this can facilitate strengthen the fundamentals in quant and additional improve skills. Here are a number of books listed for your Quant section of CAT 2015 examination.


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