7 useful Strategies for MICAT Creative Writing

7 useful Strategies for MICAT Creative Writing

The Creative Writing section of  MICAT  might comprise of one or more of Essay writing, Story building, arguments for/against a give topic. There is very little time to complete this exercise, which is why the more you practice the better you’re bound to attempt. Selection to the next round depends a lot on how well you perform in this section.

1.First and foremost, Essay Writing which has been common across years, has seen various topics based on  current and social awareness. MICA wants to test your communication style and skill, so rather than focussing  on something that will just make you enlist the facts, it selects something that is part of your daily life so that  you get a chance to express your perspective and ideas.

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 2.Second, story writing, where you are given a set of pictures. You are required to connect the pictures and curate  a story that is creative yet exclusive. It’s simple but requires a creative bend than can give you an edge over the  others.

3.Third part of this section are the arguments. Here, a topic will be given and you will be asked to write a certain  fixed number of arguments for (as well as) against the given topic. Then you’ll be asked to conclude while taking one assertive side where being neutral doesn’t fetch you any marks. This part helps them figure out your ability  to look at things from different perspectives.

4.The purpose of the latter two exercises is to see how you think or analyse. There’s no better way to strengthen it  than to know yourself and your surrounding. Be well aware of what is happening around you and you stand a  chance to ace it.

5.The only way you can ace this section is by completing it. And as mentioned before, it’s a time-stressed section  so you will need to practice writing to get a hang of it. It’s easier said than done, always. So get to it, right now.

6. It’s always better to be fluent, both in verbal and written expression. So brush up on your vocabulary so that  one, you don’t fall short of words when required the most; and two, formation of phrases/sentences is apt, rather beautiful to read.

7. Creative writing section reveals your attitude and your talent. And is VERY important for cracking MICAT. So  ensure that you put the right amount of effort at the right time, also in the right place.

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