Ace Arithmetic in Quants

Ace Arithmetic in Quants

Arithmetic is the base topic for all the competitive exams, which is important for CAT exam also. The topic has various sub –topics. Few of the sub topics play a very important role in all the other topics like Algebra, Geometry, etc.Let us have a look on those few important sub areas which are essential -Ace arithmetic in quants,CAT exam,MBA,Percentages,Averages,CAT2017

    1. Percentages:

We all are aware of “Percentages”. In CAT and other MBA Entrance exam is very important to have good practice of percentages which will not only be useful in other Quants topic but this topic helps a lot while solving Data Interpretation. The concept are easy but a student should regularly practice percentages questions to understand the application in others sub topics of Arithmetic.  Students who want to excel in arithmetic need to practice percentages regularly to score good marks in overall quants section of CAT exam.

  1. Averages:

Here is another most essential topic in Arithmetic which is Averages. Averages will be very helpful in solving DI and but also in other Quants topics.

  1. Ration and Proportion:

Ratios and proportion has same importance as Percentages. Students will see the application of this topic in Geometry and Data interpretation etc in CAT exam. Being one of the most important topics among all in Arithmetic; Ratios and Proportion is a favorite topic of all exams like CAT/CET/NMAT/SNAP/XAT. It is required to keep practicing this topic to ensure good scores in Quants section.

  1. Learn, revise, and Excel:

One of the most important strategies among all is to keep practicing the concepts of the important topics to ensure that you glued to it till the end. Since we know there are 15 topics in Arithmetic itself, a student should not only learn the concepts but also revise it. It is important because the agenda of a student should be to excel the PAR topics. PAR topics are easy but it needs consistent practice to excel in the topic.

  1. Keep your eye on time:

The entire competitive exam especially CAT exam does not test you only on the knowledge and application of the concept but how a student utilize the time to complete the exam. For this it is essential to practice the topic with timer, and accordingly one can analyze the progress and improve.

The 5 strategies mentioned above are what a student needs to crack the arithmetic topic in Quants. And students need to ensure to focus on both accuracy and time check while practicing and at the CAT exam day too.


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