Ask me Anything Session

Ask me Anything Session

Catch up for CAT addressing commonly asked questions regarding CAT/MBA: –


Q: DSE vs Baby IIMs

A: DSE I very good ROI (return of investment? Wise. In the future time, IIMs will lead the greatest colleges, moreover, the IIM tag will take you to places. Talk to students, talk to the alumni and then decide what is best for you on your terms.

Q: How is Master’ Union as a college?

A: It is a new college doing all the good things and gaining the limelight for all the good reasons. It has a start-up based college environment. If you believe in the brand, then talk to the seniors like there are challenges every month. Investment programs, start-up programs, and incubation centres to name a few are making a huge impact on learning. If all these things excite you then do, consider them.

Q: Does NIT/IIT tag have an edge over normal students while placements?

A: Simple reason, it does not. The only thing that gets highlighted is the similarity of having the same campus but that is all. Rest, everyone is placed in the same environment and treated on the basis of merit that you show there in the college.

Q:  should we consider a Bank job or CAT?

A:  Go into a bank, observe the situation there, talk with employees and ask yourself can you spend a major chunk of your life in the bank doing what they were doing and then proceed. Similarly, spend time with an MBA graduate (current one) and talk about things that are related to MBA, if you think his words make sense to you then go for an MBA. It is entirely your personal calling.

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Q: how to prepare for VARC?

A: Verbal is a way of living. It will help you later in life too. The weightage of VARC has skyrocketed now. Even FMS gives 40% weightage to VARC alone. It is the first section of the CAT paper, doing good in this will boost your confidence in the rooftop. Also, the Hangover of one section will lead you to other sections too. It is especially important for non-engineers because it is the only section in which they can take over the IIT/NIT or engineering students in general so special attention to VARC must be given. Kill VARC, read books.


Preparation Plan for CAT

Never stop your preparation: –

In Quantitative Aptitude Section:

  • According to the previous year’s statistics, you need to be God in Arithmetic to ace this exam as it consists of nearly 50% of the QA section i.e. approx. 11-12 questions in the actual CAT exam paper.
  • After this, consider Algebra, Geometry, Modern Maths then Special Topics.

In the Verbal Ability Section:

  • Read AEON essays daily for RCs. Reading Aeon essays has three steps and those are First, read Aeon Ideas, Secondly, Aeon Essays and Thirdly, Aeon Psyche. Search CATKing Aeon for specific results in CAT topics.
  • Do para-jumbles, para-summary and out of context questions thoroughly. There come 8 questions on these topics in VA.

In Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning Section:

  • Choose one between both. We recommend LR for non-engineers and DI for engineer candidates.

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Monetary Plan for MBA: –

Before planning for an MBA know that in India, MBA is commonly the highest degree one gets as very few pursue PhDs after their PG. so, your MBA has to be from the best college. You will be branded with your college and keep the badge for the next 40 years of your professional life. Number one has to be joining coaching where you find value for money. You must Beg, Borrow, and Steal if aiming for top business schools.

There are 2 courses highly recommended by previous CATKing toppers currently sitting in the top IIMs of the world:


8 months of CAT preparation mainly from April to November. CAT and non-cat preparation from April to next year April.
Expenditure: 10,000 INR for CAT forms + 20,000 INR coaching fees. Altogether, 30,000 INR. 25,000 INR for CAT and NON-CAT forms + 25,000 for coaching. Altogether, 50,000 INR.
After November, we have Jan, Feb, and March for GDPI, WAT and PI calls converting process. Oct- NMAT

Nov- CAT



Feb- MICAT2, SNAP 2.

March to April- GDPI, WAT PI, CDPI calls and converting process.


June- end of entrance Preparation and beginning of actual MBA journey. June- end of entrance Preparation and beginning of actual MBA journey.



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