CAT 2015:Changes in verbal ability and logical reasoning weightage

CAT 2015:Changes in verbal ability and logical reasoning weightage

CAT 2015: projected modification in Weightage

The weightage on totally different sections in CAT 2015 is projected to be modified by limiting the weightage on Quant section. it should lead to reduction of range of questions in Quant section; additional range of questions on  Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension and/or introducing new style of questions. but it’s sure that questions in sections apart from quant can have prominence in CAT 2015.


With additional weightage to Verbal Ability section and projected increased  range of questions it\’s expected that point to resolve CAT 2015 question paper could go up by ten minutes and range of questions may additionally go up.

Present and projected weightage in CAT 2015
Present and projected weightage to numerous questions in Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning section as envisaged would be somewhat as given within the following table (based on the trend since CAT 2014)

Question segment                             Weightage to VARC     component Present 
Sentence correction                                        12-15%                      20%

FIJ questions                                                    8-10%                     6%

Para summary                                                  8-10%                     7%

Grammar/phrases/Fill in the blanks                      0%                        6%

Correct usage/Vocabulary                                   0%                         6%

Para jumbles/Out of context sentence                 6-8%                      15%

Reading comprehension*                                    45%                       40%


(*CAT-2014 had sixteen questions on RC out of fifty in VALR section and out of thirty four on VARC part. With additional range of questions expected on VARC even an equivalent range of questions would have reduced weigthage)

What you must expect in CAT 2015 VARC …
Verbal Ability and Reading comprehension taken along had thirty four questions in CAT 2014. This range could go up to 38-40 in CAT 2015 with questions framed on a number of additional topics.  The division might be as referred on top of. None of the candidates solve all the questions fearing imposition of penalty marks. in and of itself a candidate armed with the correct answer of 28-32 queries get 99+ mark during this section

What you must prepare to ace CAT 2015 VARC…
Error correction in paragraphs and sentences- Error correction in sentences is projected to create a very important a part of Verbal Ability section in CAT 2015. If you can’t write a well worded grammatically correct sentence, however are you able to expect to speak well in your social control position in Associate in Nursing organization?

CAT 2015 proposes to raise 6-8 queries with a Weightage of 18-24 marks to the error correction questions. Error correction might be in correct usage of grammar, punctuation, spelling,Tenses, compound or specific words. These aras are thought-about because the foundation on that the complete building of English stands.

FIJ: Statement primarily based questions
You may expect 2-3 statement primarily based questions in Verbal Ability section in CAT 2015 to spot them whether or not they are truth, illation or Judgment. These queries are additional associated with important reasoning. Question relies on four consecutive ordered statements. every statement are often classified as truth, illation or Judgment. The question is followed by four choices and therefore the most acceptable choice that describes the sequence of those statements is to be picked out.

Begin preparing para summary
There are expected 3-4 questions in Verbal Ability section of CAT 2015 on summarising the paragraphs. The question relies on atiny low paragraph. CAT 2015 aspirant are imagined to bear the paragraph, type the outline of the text and sense the foremost acceptable choice that best describes the outline of the paragraph.

To prepare for such questions, a candidate ought to develop smart reading habit, ought to practice writing outline of a paragraph on regular basis. respondent such question might not be tough then.

Correct Vocabulary Usage- Understanding the usage of vocabulary is incredibly necessary. it\’s a very important a part of Verbal Ability section in CAT.  Correct Vocabulary usage will solely empower you to speak well in your social control position. Despite the shut synonyms – each word has specific usage – one cannot write ‘Pretty Boy’  or ‘Handsome woman’  -although pretty and handsome are the synonyms.

Although vocabulary primarily based questions remained missing in CAT 2014, they\’ll re-surface once again may be in an exceedingly totally different type. Earlier CAT exams accustomed have 4-5 queries on vocabulary usage, as an example 1-2 queries marked  there on similar sounding/confused words; two of} questions perceived to sense the inaccurate use of common words/phrasal verb; 1-2 queries were asked to fill within the blanks with most acceptable pair of  words.

CAT is known for throwing surprise component in actual exam, therefore don\’t stop getting ready the discourse use of vocabulary words.

Questions supported RC passages
Reading comprehension can play the foremost necessary role in Verbal Ability section. The sixteen RC questions out of thirty six questions on Verbal Ability in second section represent roughly forty fifth share which can be a significant half to push the mark up in CAT 2015 communicating.

CAT 2015 is predicted to possess four Reading Comprehension passages of 800-900 words length. every passage is predicted to be followed by four questions. Earlier CAT accustomed have three passages with ten questions all told. Beside this a pair of passages were relatively shorter followed by three questions every whereas one passage was longer with four questions.

The type of questions that are imagined to follow RC passages might be supported on their contents, phrases used in the passages and will be very little indirect ones.  Besides there might be questions on True/False statements associated with RC passages. Earlier CAT communicating accustomed have few common questions on all the RC passages like ‘Tone of the author’; ‘Main plan of the passage’; ‘Purpose of passage’ it seems all such common questions could go missing. Tone of the author could be replaced with ‘Attitude’ of the author.

Jumbled paragraphs in CAT 2015
You can expect 2-3 questions on random jumbled sentences and 2-3 questions on ‘Out of context’ sentence to be picked out of jumbled sentences. the overall weightage are around ten to fifteen in Verbal Ability section in CAT 2015.

While the random jumbled sentences ar to be placed in coherent order, the opposite sort would raise you to choose the ‘Out of context sentence’ from a jumbled paragraph.

The strategy to arrange for Para Jumble is to grasp the connectors and pronouns used in the sentences. At some places, function word is used in situ of noun. verify the noun. The function word within the para is employed in situation of noun, so the sentence with the function word can come back once the sentence wherever the relevant noun has been used. it’ll need additional and additional apply to achieve experience in finding them.

Which part needs additional attention; Preparation Strategy
All the components of Verbal Ability section ar interlinked and want devoted study pattern. With a read to create the preparation strategy for CAT 2015 you must devote some time as follows

RC- This half are often well prepared if you have got smart reading skills and your vocabulary is additionally well equipped. therefore to arrange for this scan additional, verify the meaning and references of the vocabulary words and next day verify what quantity you have got improved. making an attempt the mocks could be a smart plan however should not be opted within the starting. it’d need over  an hour daily initially.

Jumbled sentences- it’s a pure practice primarily based module. Crack a lot of cross word puzzles, exercises on jumbled paragraphs to achieve experience. Devote twenty minutes on a daily basis

Vocabulary- a lot of|what proportion|what quantity} you’ll be able to learn and the way much you\’ll use the words in context depends upon you. there’s no shortage of material however your learning ought to be followed by regular apply. questions on usage of common words and expression verbs may additionally be placed in CAT 2015. therefore the simplest is to use frequently no matter you have got learnt.

Error correction- strong basic building is unquestionably needed. without this even the opposite components would possibly ditch you and you will not be able to perceive the difficult use of grammar and tenses in RC, para jumbles, FIJs and whereas summarising the paragraphs creating the complete preparation futile. it will  be higher to devote around 20-30 minutes to create your fundamentals starting with grammar.

You need to apply a lot of and a lot of exercises to bring a decent level of confidence, speed, and accuracy.


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