CAT 2015 exam pattern: Has it changed for better or worse?

CAT 2015 exam pattern: Has it changed for better or worse?

There’s one issue regarding CAT 2015 that each one specialists agree. The take a look at is back to the classic CAT pattern – the written take a look at (up to 2008) with three sections.

In CAT 2015, every accuracy and type of makes an endeavor becomes crucial. Moreover, with the introduction of on-screen computers and non-multiple choice queries, it’s become a level-playing field for candidates from all backgrounds.

Here comes the question. area unit the changes in CAT 2015 smart or not? area unit the specialists and academicians happy regarding the changes?

1. What does one suppose the new CAT communication pattern? Has it modified for higher or worse?

This is a pattern favorite to U.S.. With affected limits. As Associate in Nursing aspiring manager, excluding education, time management and better operation unit of measurement some very important aspects one should develop. it’s going to be a further level-playing field presently since people need to be compelled to ‘compulsorily’ show their ability across multiple sections, thereby making prudent question selection a key to success.

2. What changes ought to Associate in Nursing aspirant build in their study arrange whereas getting ready for CAT?

Students devoting a minimum of seventieth of their preparation time to Quantitative Ability section solely, got to be somewhat cautious currently. Verbal Ability are Associate in Nursing freelance section and needs the maximum amount time, if no more, to develop command. this can be very true for engineering background students as they derive additional thrill by finding lots of quantitative ability queries.

3. can or not it’s a level-playing field for candidates from all background?

We believe they need removed this parameter anyways. confining to answer in an exceedingly bound timeframe offers students the selection of increasing their energy for his or her favorite section and be somewhat cautious in others. this can be just like the classic CAT of the last decade, where, in my honest and humble opinion, accuracy {again|once additional} becomes more necessary than simply maximising makes an attempt.

4. that section/s might contain the non-MCQ queries? what’s going to these questions be – drawback primarily based or analytical or one thing else?

In our read, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability area unit possibly to urge the non-Multiple selection queries. Quant and information Interpretation have lower likelihood of obtaining non-MCQ queries.

We can’t guess what reasonably issues might represent these queries. We do feel, that these are caselet-centric. Analytical and logical reasoning could also be the core behind these queries.

5. What ought to be a candidate’s strategy to tackle these non-MCQ questions?

Simple. scan well and answer.

6. supported changes in CAT 2015 take a look at pattern, does one suppose there could also be a major modification in short-listing criteria of prime B-schools?

There shouldn’t be a lot of of a criteria modification in prime B-Schools like IIM Ahmedabad. It’ll stay just about same. They’ll follow bound benchmarks and can still do thus. However, alternative B-Schools may modification their shortlisting criteria. Some B-Schools might begin acceptive XAT or alternative Master in Business Administration communication scores to make sure that they don’t compromise on quality of scholars. alternative Master in Business Administration faculties might follow constant.

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