CAT 2015 Preparation Strategy with On-Screen Calculator: 3 key Tips

CAT 2015 Preparation Strategy with On-Screen Calculator: 3 key Tips


CAT 2015 test pattern has witnessed variety of changes this year. one in every of the foremost changes that has been seen is that the ‘on-screen calculator’. With the introduction of this feature, variety of scholars approached enquiring concerning the test strategy to be opted for this year.
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After reprimand variety of Master in Business specialists, we discovered that changes that have taken place shouldn’t intervene within the gift strategy followed by students throughout CAT 2015 preparation. the foremost necessary factor that students showing for CAT 2015 ought to perceive is ‘how to manage their time in exam’.

To understand a lot of on however will test-takers create use of on-screen calculator in CAT 2015, we scan the subsequent 3 tips for all CAT 2015 check takers.

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“There are quite an few changes within the CAT pattern for 2015 vis-à-vis CAT 2014. one in every of the a lot of super fluous changes has been the introduction of the on-screen calculator. This pleasant (or is it?) surprise provided to the inquisitive candidates has some direct and indirect implications. It requires some deliberation to know the way to create the most effective use of this engaging new feature.

1. The Intent

Extremely evident from the inclusion of the on-screen calculator is that the proven fact that CAT continues to be a flair test. The IIMs don’t expect the scholars to be nice at calculations. the strain is on the student’s logic and his/her comprehension ability. Application and implication of numbers is a lot of necessary than being an individual’s calculator.

2. ‘What to calculate’ and not ‘How to calculate’

The most crucial a part of cracking a DI set is to know what must be done and the way to work on the information. The on-screen calculator are going to be of no use if it’s not backed by the art of comprehension and customary sense. This brings U.S.A. to the purpose that CAT isn’t a calculation intensive test. Approximations, instead of actual calculations through the utilization of a calculator, area unit still the most effective thanks to choose ability.

3. the chances

One of the indirect signs of the presence of associate on-screen calculator is that the direction within which the CAT test is slowly moving. associate on-screen calculator may be a regular feature in international exams like Sat and GRE. If CAT is on the right track to emulate these international exams, it’s probably that the majority of the nitty-gritties of those exams are going to be concerned by CAT furthermore. Sat and GRE area unit high on knowledge Sufficiency and significant Reasoning queries and an identical stress on these topics can be fully fledged by the candidates in CAT-2015

Amidst all the speculations, the sole few things that don’t amendment area unit the fundamentals. A candidate is predicted to be ready with enough calculation techniques in his repertoire. The on-screen calculator is mostly very inconvenient to work and will impede the candidate’s speed. Having same that, it should even be created clear that a candidate should not refrain from exploitation the on-screen calculator whenever there’s a dire want for it. except for most a part of the paper, decreasing the temptation of exploitation it’ll pay made dividends”.


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