CAT 2022 Quantitative Ability Scores VS Percentile

CAT 2022 Quantitative Ability Scores VS Percentile

IIMs annually conduct the CAT, or Common Admission Test, to help B-schools, including IIMs, shortlist applicants for admission to MBA and PGDM programs. For management candidates, admission to IIMs is the ultimate goal. And it is possible to do so with the appropriate preparation and approach. The section of CAT Quantitative Ability is considered the most time-consuming as it has lots of calculations that have to be solved within one minute per question.

Even though there are many online tools for CAT quantitative aptitude preparation, for many CAT candidates, preparing for the CAT quantitative ability portion is one of the most complex and tough undertakings. The QA part is regarded by the majority of elite CAT scorers as one of the most unexpected sections for the CAT exam.

To turn the page and make fresh changes to the overall preparation, it is vital to be aware of certain tips. Preparing for the CAT can be made much simpler with the right quantitative aptitude advice. You may get information on what quantitative aptitude (QA) is all about, the key subjects covered in the QA portion, online tools for CAT 2022 quantitative aptitude preparation, the top preparation advice for the CAT quantitative ability, and much more.

Here, in this article, we will look at the comparison between Quantitative Ability Scores VS Percentile in CAT 2022:

Important Topics for CAT Quantitative Aptitude:

Quant is one of the easiest sections of CAT, and the right amount of practice and concept can help you score more than 99%ile in the section. The CAT’s quantitative ability part typically contains questions that have elementary mathematics.

Here’s the list of the most important topics from the Quant section:

Topic Name Expected No. of Questions Difficulty Level
Algebra 10-14 Questions Moderate
Arithmetic 6-8 Questions Moderate
Number System 2-4 Questions Moderate
Modern Math 1-3 Questions Easy
Geometry & Mensuration 3-6 Questions Moderately Difficult

Books Recommended for the Quantitative Aptitude: 

  • Arun Sharma
  • RS Aggarwal
  • CATKing LOD 1 and CATKing LOD 2

NOTE: More than 50% of this section consists of Arithmetic. Hence, it is advised to focus more on the Arithmetic and Algebra topics as they hold the maximum weightage. And, a score of 30+ is needed to get a 95+%ile.

CAT Quants Score VS Percentile: 

Percentile Marks Number of Questions
80 15 5
85 17 6
90 20 7
95 24 8
99 35 11
99.99 42 14
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