CAT DILR strategy (ft. Pratham, SPJIMR, Mumbai)

CAT DILR strategy (ft. Pratham, SPJIMR, Mumbai)



Pratham is a general category male GEM, with CAT 97 percentile and 98.06 percentile in DILR section. He shares a word regarding DILR section.

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DILR is the struggle area

  • This section is not something which can be directly prepared for. If you have solved 100 sets of it then be prepared of 100 other variety of questions waiting for you.
  • Do limited number of questions, 3-4 good sets in a day. Find out shorter methods to do the same questions, in lesser amount of time and if went wrong, figure out what went wrong.
  • Having a good thought process is crucial as you can never have a fixed method that you can go from start to end like in QA.
  • Read all the sets slowly and figure out the best set in the start. Keep your calm while selecting whether you can solve the question or not. Once you have decided, solve the set and then the follow up question hardly take any time to get solved. Go in order to follow all the steps & do not miss on anything.
  • Practise as much as you can. Try different varieties of sets that builds the way through the process and expands brain to function in all directions. No single method is followed.

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D-Day strategy

You should not worry about which section was tough in which slot as questions as well as level of difficulty in each section will not be same. Also, it depends from person to person. Paper pattern should be considered more as this will be the same throughout the paper. You can re-organize your strategy accordingly.

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