What you need to crack Logical Reasoning ?

What you need to crack Logical Reasoning ?

 What do you need to Crack CAT Exam 2017 Logical Reasoning Section?                                                              Here comes another part of the CAT exam.Logical reasoning with 16 questions weightage has a very limited type of questions that come in the CAT exam. This is the 2nd section in the CAT exam 32 questions with LR 16 questions and DI 16. The topic which was asked from LR in CAT was Analytical Reasoning, Matrix and puzzles. The level of difficulty of this question was difficult as compared to the other sections. But with the practice and strategies one can score decent marks in this particular section. To help the students for the strategies here we provide 5 tips to crack the LR part of the CAT exam.

  1. Selection of the question set:

This topic is one which a student cannot learn overnight, but he/she can only excel in LR when students spend time on different types of questions of LR.  Selection of questions set plays a very important role here, where information about the question will be given to you. But until you don’t solve the set you will not come to know about if it is solvable for you or no? To know how to select correct questions to set student should be well practiced on the topic.

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  1. Pick one and nail it:

The type of questions which you will see in your LR section will be passage based information. Here the tip is to pick up one object/people from the passage based information and make a table of it. For example: if the given information have 5 people, pick one person and note down all information about that person and then move to the 2nd person and so on. This will help you to reduce the number of cases of the passage based information. The same strategy students should use in their mocks too to optimize the time and score well.

  1. Direction sense:

Here we don’t mean direction sense as an important topic but in LR you will need to have good understanding of Direction sense. For example: When 1st person is sitting 5 places to the right of the 1st person. It becomes necessary to have sense of direction if someone is sitting 4th to the right of him.

  1. Pay special attention to few words:

Students while solving Logical Reasoning Questions need to pay special attention on words like “only”, “Some”, “few”, “none”, “some” and so on. These words are very important and create a huge impact if ignored.

  1. Have the strategy in place:

CAT Exam 2017 is an exam, which requires a strategic approach. Students need to have their strategies on place if they are targeting IIMs. Few very important pointers where a student misses out and ends up with low scores in CAT mocks and in Final Exam are as follows:

  • Don’t solve those puzzles which have only 1 question. Take 30 seconds and check the number of questions in the set before solving it.
  • Use process of elimination, this is the strategy which student should use in other sections too. Elimination will help to come down to fewer options and it will be easier for the student to get the answer.


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