CAT Exam Preparation – How To Boost Your Confidence | 3 Important Sutras | MBA Motivation

CAT Exam Preparation – How To Boost Your Confidence | 3 Important Sutras | MBA Motivation

Boost your confidence – CAT Exam Preparation

You have decided to appear for MBA entrance exams, you are yet to start, you check out the syllabus, and you find it overwhelming. You have been preparing hard for CAT, but November is approaching fast, you are still not sure about your preparation, panic sets in, and you are feeling lost.

Feeling lost

Well if you are here, you are not really lost are you?!

“My confidence level is low what should I do” asked one aspirant, well we cannot prescribe a confidence boosting pill (does it really exist though?), what we can do is show you the good old ways that could put your mind at ease.

Ways to prepare

The foremost way of improving your confidence is to surround yourself with peers who are dedicated to crack the exams. Find a group of buddies who will push you to achieve great results.

Create a positive mindset and start working towards your goals. Channelize the positivity into the work and the effort you put in.

Burn the boats behind you and look ahead and make sure to make your goal a priority.

Prepare for CAT exam in a smart way


The 5 Step way to a B-school: –

  • Know your syllabus in and out
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis on yourself and work accordingly
  • Give mocks to judge your performance regularly
  • Be confident
  • Be consistent and make your goal your first priority


Feeling any better ?

All the best

You got this!



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