CAT Exam Strategy | Can I Start From Now?

CAT Exam Strategy | Can I Start From Now?

CAT is Common Admission Test it’s a computer-based exam for MBA aspirants who are looking forward to get into top B-schools like IIM’s or FMS and many others. The eligibility criteria for CAT exam is to have at least 50% in their bachelor’s and 45% for the reserved category. Now the next question is how to start CAT preparation as it’s one of the toughest and most competitive exams.



The best way to understand the exam is to go through the previous year question paper from where you can get an idea of how to deal with the exam or what type of questions have been asked in the last couple of years. Although CAT is an unpredictable exam which makes it even worst but if you had a good command over the topic you can crack it anyhow.

Preparation without coaching:

This question is asked by many MBA aspirants who want to start their preparation without coaching. As discussed above one needs to go through the previous year question to get familiar with the exam pattern. And set daily targets to achieve them. Make sure you follow these hacks to get a great learning experience –

  • Learn 5 new words daily
  • Make a formula book
  • Read Newspaper
  • Practice at least 2 sets of DI daily
  • Go through different websites like Aeon, and Opinion to get yourself updated.

Preparation with Coaching:

Well, coaching will help you to overcome your weaknesses. And choosing the best coaching play a very important role. Although MBA coaching is quite costly but CATKing provides you with the most affordable online coaching where you’ll get guidance from the top B-schools like IIM’s JBIMS, NMIMS, and SP Jain alumni. Coaching will help the candidates to set a long-term perspective which encourages candidates to stretch themselves to their highest potential. If you score less than 50%tile at the beginning of your preparation coaching will help you to stretch it to 99%tile at the end of your preparation. These are the benefits of choosing the right coaching.

Hope these strategies will help you in your preparation.

All the best!



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