Cat preparation from May

Cat preparation from May

Motivation for your exam

Decide which college you want to go to and motivate yourself through it. You need to stay glued to the preparation plan. Set your goal right away. Once done, collect your resources quickly and do not keep them pending. There is no formula or shortcut for acing this exam. You have to word had and turn the world upside down. So let’s find out more about CAT preparation from May.


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The goal for 7 months-

  • Get familiar with the syllabus. Do the analysis as to which topic has how much frequency as well as weightage in the paper and plan accordingly considering your strengths and weaknesses in each topic. You need to optimize your scores well.
  • Get your grip strength in your basics as they are the foundation of your preparation. Basics like VPAR in quants set the speed of your attempts as the exam is speed based examination.

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6 mistakes to Avoid

  1. The most repeated mistake here is giving less importance or missing VPAR. Vedic Maths, Percentages, Averages, Ratio, and Proportion. Consider this as a magic potion that will enhance your performance in CAT overall by enhancing your calculation making it efficient & fast. Speed surely matters here as the CAT exam is a speed-based examination.
  2. Missing Arithmetic. This topic contains 50% of CAT paper so it is recommended you are well versed in this topic, make sure this should be the first topic to do and it should be done well. Take time to cover this one and avoid mixing it with other topics. Prepare it solely. After this, you can move to Geometry as well as special topics. Then finally move on to heavy ones like number system etc.
  3. Avoiding DI. This section has 20 questions solely and this is the most difficult part of the entire paper. You need to leave everything and give 1 whole week dedicated to DI only. After covering the easy-to-solve ones, target games, and tournaments. This section comes in 4 sets of 5 questions each and among these at least 1 set is easy. Be a scavenger and kill the easy ones. 1 easy set can fetch you 80 percentile marks.
  4. Missing out on VARC. FMS has a 40% weightage for this college and many toppers missed their opportunities of getting into their dream b-schools. Finish the 40days challenge, solve at least 5 questions and then move on to read AEON essays. Be a scavenger for easy problems within 40 periods of time i.e. 40 days challenge.
  5. Overwhelming yourself with work. Instead, do it in iterations for now till June/July for killing only the easier ones.
  6. Take up 40 days challenge. Challenge yourself. After 40 days’ challenge, sit with stud people of the IIT/NIT batch and learn with stud people. Use your dashboard effectively. Till June-July attend all the lectures, attend all live classes but start with LOD 1 only, now go to record lectures and solve. Finally move to shortcut videos.



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