CAT Preparation Strategy from April

CAT Preparation Strategy from April

Boys and Girls, gear up for CAT this year with your best sharpened weapons at CATKing. We have space for every kind of student from weak to well versed. The most important thing to do before starting your preparation is to look at your syllabus thoroughly. It is the best time to start in order to crack CAT as most students get serious 6-7 months before the exam.

CAT online courses

We at CATKing have divided the chores into weekly parts to make it easier for every type of student. So here is a detailed blueprint:

Week 1– Start with VPAR i.e. Vedic math, percentages, Average, Ratio & Proportion.

Week 2– start with these modules simultaneously: Arithmetic Module, Geometry Module, Algebra Module, Modern Math Module, Special topics Module Such as set theory, trigonometry etc. then jump to DI and then LR.

Given 2 days of time to each topic: Day1- attend online lecture of the topic & Day2- Revise and solve atleast 20 questions of different types on the same topic.

Complete 1 module within 15days.

Do this under 40days challenge, of you didn’t succeed then take another 40days challenge and finish it.

Remember, repetition is the key to success.

CAT online courses and mocks

After 1st 40days challenge: After the 1st 40days challenge, you know the syllabus now and is familiar with them. So now, the students who are well versed can move to NIT/IIT batch in CATKing, otherwise, the weaker students can repeat by taking another 40days challenge.

At CATKing, we ensure to go through the entire syllabus minimum 3 times before CAT exam. There are recorded classes too from various faculties so that every student have the access to study material.

Moving towards Verbal section: There are only 4 topics here namely, Reading Comprehension, Para Jumbles, Para summary, Vocabulary. We will dedicate Monday and Wednesday on VARC only. Atleast till the second class in the week.

About NIT/IIT batch:

This is a batch on the dashboard that has access to live lectures, offline classes etc. of this dashboard. It is basically for repeaters or toppers students who conduct advanced level question in the weekends.

On weekdays, attend live classes of attending each topic. On weekends, increase the level of difficulty by solving problems regarding the same.

After completion of your 40days challenge, there will be 4 days per week classes in online mode and NIT/IIT classes on the weekends.

How to study?

  • Attend live classes regularly.
  • Do not study through hardcopies but take the dashboard access which is now available at 50% discount, and in that you will get CATKing LOD 1 &2 bible.
  • After 2 months, do all the Must-do sections present in the dashboard where you need to do all the questions. This is particularly for LOD 2 STUDENTS.
  • There is study material for every kind of student. We can attend recorded lessons for them. There are Advanced sessions, Shortcut sessions and advanced shortcut sessions from faculties of IIMs, NITIE etc. There is also a recording of sessions section, so that if you miss a session that this comes to you.
  • When you feel demotivated, look at your final goal. Got to alumni profile and watch them on the dashboard. Learn through them.
  • Do not leave your preparation till the last day of CAT.

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