CAT Toppers 99%ile Strategy | When to Start giving Mocks ? | Target setting

CAT Toppers 99%ile Strategy | When to Start giving Mocks ? | Target setting

When to start your mocks? This question has been asked by many candidates. Well, all your queries will end here. These are a few points that will help you to score well in Mocks which eventually help you to score 99%tile in CAT.


Start your preparation as soon as possible. Once you start your preparation start giving mocks and don’t get demotivated at the beginning if you score low the score will going to increase once you understand the pattern. It’s just a matter of time.


Try to analyze the previous year question papers as this will help you to understand the pattern of the exam. Once you get familiar with the exam pattern you can make a strategy accordingly and crack the exam by saving a lot of time.


It’s very important to know your strong and weak areas. If you’re good with verbal make sure you practice well in quants and vice versa. If you’re weak in geometry make sure you focus more on geometry. Don’t practice the same topic just because you have a strong command of that area this will only going to waste your time. So focus more on your weak part.


There are many candidates who save their mocks till the end and that’s the biggest mistake one can do. There are many candidates who think that they’ll waste their mock if they use them at the beginning. But if we look at any topper strategy that cracked IIM A,B,C  they at least gave 30-50 mocks. So change this mindset that you’re wasting your mocks. You have to give as many mocks as possible in order to crack the exam.

Mocks are very important as they will give a framework on how to appear for the exam. In the beginning, your score will be low but that doesn’t mean you have to stop or get demotivated. To score well in mocks you have to keep practicing.

All the best!

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