CAT V/S Other Domestic Exams For MBA

CAT V/S Other Domestic Exams For MBA

CAT v/s other Entrance Exams for MBA

CAT (Common Aptitude Test) exam is considered as a standard test and it changes its pattern once in every three years only. This Exam’s reach is for more than 100+ colleges. However, students appearing for CAT can easily prepare for the rest of the MBA exams and increase their chances of entering some of the top B-schools in India. So let’s look at CAT vs the other major MBA entrance exams.

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  • NMAT is widely given for NMIMS Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad campuses while CAT is accepted by many prestigious colleges all over India.
  • NMAT gives you three attempts for the same exam which has both an advantage and a disadvantage. You have 3 attempts to bring up your scores if u are not satisfied with your previous attempts’ but you need to pay the fees for each attempt we wish to give while CAT offers only one attempt eliminating the drawback.
  • Even if you crack NMAT and get into NMIMS the average fees are around 16L+ for two years.
  • If you crack Common Aptitude Test and get into colleges like JBIMS (2.4L+ for 2 years) and FMS (54K+ for 2 years).
  • To conclude, the only plus point of NMAT is the people appearing are less, we have 3 attempts – hence more chances to score.

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  • CET is highly unpredictable as it may change its pattern, the difficulty level varies and the paper is set by different companies every year while CAT has a difficulty level set.
  • CET has 200 question to be attempted in 150 minutes while CAT gives you enough time – 100 questions (180 minutes). Hence, CET is many times considered as a speed test, accuracy here only matters if speed is up to the mark.
  • CET covers colleges only in Maharashtra with only a few good ones like- JBIMS, KJ Somaiya, and SydemHam.
  • The only plus point of CET is that it has no negative marking (+1 for each correct answer) while CAT has +3 marks for every correct answer while -1 for each wrong answer.

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  • XAT has another section altogether which consists of Decision Making.
  • Essay and GK section marks are only considered if all the primary sections have the minimum cutoff satisfied.
  • CAT has no negative marking for unattempted questions; while after 13 unattempted questions of XAT- 0.02% of marks are deducted for every unattempted question henceforth.

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Few other exams

  • SNAP covers very few colleges like SCMHRD, SIOM, SIBM.
  • IIFT is tough to get through.
  • CMAT has an extra section: GK.





CAT is considered to be the best entrance exam across various domestic exams and with the help of this exam, you can apply to various B-Schools all over India. It will also help you get an overall psychometric evaluation of your caliber. This exam will be helpful to get that extra edge over other exams because the pattern of CAT is prepared by the highest IQ leaders and it will give you the benefit of increasing your IQ level. Also along with the ranking in India, you get the best measure of your credibility nationwide. Hope you found this article on CAT vs other MBA exams useful. All the best!

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