Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai offers a variety of courses for post-graduation, but for a management aspirant, M.A in Human Resource Management & Labour Relations is of prime interest.TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) in Mumbai offers a variety of Master’s programs at its different campuses. The School of Management and Labour Studies offers the most common courses. Masters of Arts degrees in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations, Social Entrepreneurship, and Organization Growth Change, and Leadership is available to students. TISS has its own National Entrance Exam, referred to as the TISS Entrance Exam. TISS has its own entrance exam, known as TISSNET. For the academic year 2022-24, the exam will be conducted in the third week of February 2022. In this article, we will discuss how to crack TISSNET

TISSNET Entrance Exam, Pattern & Updates

TISSNET exam overview & updates What is the TISSNET exam? TISS also is known as the TATA Institute of social science conducts National Entrance Test (NET) a.k.a TISSNET. And this test is a computer-based examination, using English as a medium. So it has 100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) to be completed in 100...

6 MBA Exams to focus on beyond CAT

6 Important MBA exams other than CAT: All isn't lost when one couldn't crack the CAT. and obtain admission into the coveted IIMs. So here are 6 Other MBA Entrance Exams which will get us admission to the highest 30 Coveted Colleges. Therefore, read on to seek out what other MBA entrance exams aside from CAT exists. Which you would like to aim to urge into these coveted...

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