CET – Last 30 Days Plan

CET – Last 30 Days Plan

What Makes CET Different From CAT?

CET is mainly a Speed Game ! “Quick decision making is the Key to Crack CET Exam,” said Pallavi Tilve CET 2015 Rank 1.

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As far as preparation strategy goes for CET and CAT, high focus on few additional areas which were missing in CAT Like the Visual Reasoning, Critical Reasoning, Venn Diagrams. The difficulty level of MH CET is far easier than CAT.

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What should you do in the next 30 Days?

Revise & Revisit

Most of you would have taken CAT, NMAT, XAT: You know it all. Just revise and revisit Revise your study materials pertaining to Quant, Verbal and Reasoning. The syllabus is more or less the same. But the good part is the difficulty level is much easier compared to CAT or XAT,

For those who are planning to start afresh now: “ Get hold of CATKing Intensive Books or join in the CET Turbo program to master the Shortcuts & Tricks”

Practice Makes You Perfect!

Finally, the dates are announced, so now let’s gear up to Take the 20 Full length mocks Challenge. Theoretical preparation is good,but getting experienced with the practical approach is more important. “ Try the 30-40 Strategy. If you don’t practice time management during mock exam, you won’t be able to apply it in the day of the exam,”

How to score 99.9%ile

What’s Unique in the MAH CET exam?

Visual Reasoning, Venn Diagrams, and Critical reasoning were insignificant until now. CET creates its exclusivity with these topics. The biggest mistake students do is leave these topics in option. Guys, this is 50 marks of the paper & with CAP Rounds making its way each and every mark as precious as a diamond.

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Health is Wealth

Stay Fit Stay Focussed, take some time off daily to do what you like: Listen to music, cook, go for a drive or a walk for 30 minutes daily. This refreshes you to Stay Positive and Glued.

Stay Glued! Let’s Crack CET! All the Best!

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