How difficult is to crack TISSNET Exam?

How difficult is to crack TISSNET Exam?


TISS also is known as TATA Institute of social science conducts National Entrance Test (NET) a.k.a TISSNET.It is a very competitive exam.

It is computer based exam which offers a course on Mumbai, Hyderabad, Tuljapur, Guwahati, IMHST Chennai, MHAT Calicut and G-SET Ranchi campuses. It offers various Masters degree but it does not offer an MBA degree. The test consists of various sections such as

  • Social Sensitivity,
  • Logical Reasoning,
  • Knowledge of Contemporary issues
  • Analytical Ability

The total duration of Exam is of 100 minutes(i.e 1hour and 40 minutes)

On the basis of the score, students are called in for a pre-written test and/or Interview.

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By now you have a fair idea about the exam. Now let’s take a look at the sections of the exam one by one

Section I: General Awareness:

  • In this section, as the name suggests will contain questions based on general awareness.
  • But this section does not limit itself to current affairs or day to day happenings.
  • In this section, you are expected to everything about the world’s affairs. Day to Day events happening around the world. It ranges around “static GK or current GK”
  • According to last years analysis, the questions were not even in the range of the above two.
  • Your focus should be on Ecological and Environmental topics because they are expected to recur in most cases.
  • Social awareness of another important topic. Focus on General awareness.
  • Since the questions are highly unpredictable it is advised to focus more on social awareness topics and also refer to past year questions
  • Sections like these have no particular portion and hence it is better to prepare for all the sections
  • The paper of the year 2016 was more focused centric on budget, government schemes and independence day
  • The paper of the year 2017 was more focused centric on Social laws as compared to schemes

Increase in General Knowledge

Section II: Mathematics & Logical Reasoning

  • This sections mainly consist of mathematical and logical puzzles which require critical and Quick thinking
  • It is advised to practise all kinds of logical puzzles daily.
  • The puzzles that appear in exams are usually very lengthy and require a lot of calculations
  • It is better to take a note of a few tricks which will really help in escalating your solving skills.
  • Even the minutest details must be taken care of. Slightest mistakes can lead to a wrong answer
  • These type of questions demand strong fundamental knowledge and application
  • Arithmetic questions in last years papers were ranging from easy to moderate
  • Strong fundamental knowledge should be there while attempting these type of questions
  • You must have good detailing skills as well as analytical skills
  • It is also said by experts that DI can be a game changer for aspirants
  • It is essential to focus on DI as the calculation is very extensive
  • Students must use the law of approximation to eliminate options that are not very close.

Section III: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension:

  • Anybody with decent vocabulary skills can score very well in the exam
  • Students should refer Norman Lewis which provides extensive training on vocabulary.                                 
  • For more detailed and extensive videos on the verbal section, you will get easy and achievable tricks which will make your preparation easy

The Dilemma of Books:

Well we are beingpted to the myth that Fatter the book better it is

But let me break it to you that book should have qualitative content and not quantitative content.

Rather Fatter books are injurious to health. So choose your books wisely

Here is the list of books that you can refer for your TISSNET exams which are going to be really helpful

Practice with actual TISSNET Mocks

Topics and Authors:

1) Indian Policy and Constitution:  For this topic do not read big fat books. Some kind of books is recommended only for UPSC exams. Detailing is not required. Just surf some information on the internet which will be pretty accurate and useful as compared to the books

2) Society and Social issues: Since social and general awareness is the core of the entire exams, It is important to have more focus on social and general awareness.

Refer to Social problems in India – Ram Ahuja.

3) Current affairs: For this section strictly resort to only Newspapers. Also, you can buy any of the books of Pearson or Manorama. It is advised to not pick up fat and thick books. But in the end, choose what suits you.

4) Maths and Logical Reasoning:

  • How to Prepare Quantitative Aptitude for CAT’ by Arun Sharma
  • ‘Quantitative Aptitude’ by RS Aggarwal

You can also refer to various entrance exam mocks and papers like MBA( CAT, CET etc..)

5) Verbal Ability:

  • Refer Wren and Martin High School grammar book
  • Also, refer Norman Lewis “ Word Power Made Easy”

Be smart while selecting your reference materials. Also, allott your time equally among all the sections. Do not neglect or underestimate any section as all are equally important. All the best..!

Happy Learning..!!!!

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