Extra Curriculars or Academics for IIMs

Extra Curriculars or Academics for IIMs

If you are looking to get into India’s coveted institutions like IIMs, you need to show them how unique you are . For this, you need to get an extra edge in whatever you do. Start indulging yourself in more productive activities . You need to focus on ACEACE stands for Academics, Co-Curriculars , Extra Curriculars. Academics include your 10th, 12th and Graduation scores. Now if your 10th, 12th scores are good, then you have an edge, but if they aren’t up to the mark, then you can’t do anything about it; because what is gone is gone. Now you need to focus on what’s in your hand. So, if you are currently studying, then you should strive hard to improve your scores and get a good aggregate! 

Moving on to Co-curriculars, while you are studying, you need to undertake certain courses relevant to your area of study. This is what you mean by Co-Curriculars. For example, if you are an engineering student, then you may do internships relevant to your area of specialization that gives practical exposure to what you are studying. Pursuing certification courses would also be helpfulExtracurricular are those that fall outside the realm of the normal curriculum of school or university education, performed by students. Extracurricular activities exist for all students. Such activities are often voluntary and depend upon an individual’s interest. You may undertake any passion or hobby of yours and try building on it. All these activities that you do will count as your profile and that is what a top Business School, looks into an individual. It is very important to be occupied in productive activities if you wanna build a strong profile. A diverse profile will portray your all round development and interest to take up new things sportingly. Moreover, you also need to build on your Leadership skills. Start taking responsible roles while you are young. This would enhance your ability to manage thinks and enable you to focus on multitasking. It is no doubt very important to have a good CGPA , but along with it your overall personality matters a lot. Remember that before anyone in the professional world see’s you, they will see your resume ! So try to showcase it in the best possible way.

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Apart from this, you must also devote some of your time to serve back the societyEngage yourself in some volunteering activities that create impact on the lives of the underprivilegedBe empathetic , try to fit in other’s shoes and have a look at the world in a different way! Know that when you are sitting for an interview you need to show how different are you from others and that’s where you are going to win by a mark!

So the short answer to your long question is a diverse and unique profile is important. A good balance of academics and extra curriculars will take you places, so be smart and strive hard to reach your goal!

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