My First Day In Osam Dairy

I always heard people saying that startups are the best to start your carrier with, I never took that seriously but now when I got a chance to do my internship with Osam dairy which is a startup started in 2015 in Jharkhand, I feel it’s going to be a great learning experience. My first-day experience was indeed really nice. From the time I stepped my foot in the company, each and every second I spent in the company was fruitful and worthy. On the very first day my team was provided with the minutes of meeting and since it is an FMCG company dealing with dairy products; their relationship with distributors is of great concern. So, we were provided with the agreement Performa of the distributors with the company. The minutes of the meeting gave me an idea what are the requirements for distributors registration and what documentation is important, distributors scheme, retailers scheme, claim process, sales order process, dispatch process, distributors outstanding follow-ups, steps for cheque bouncing, daily sales reporting and sales employee incentives.

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This year in the agreement with distributors, a new clause has been added i.e., the survival clause which says that the distributor cannot enter into any new agreement with another company having the same business until and unless the company has issued a no objection certificate to the concerned distributor. My mentor further elaborated that milk is procured from Bihar because the fodders are of good quality there which is important for cows to give good quality milk, then the processing is done in Patratu plant which is situated in the outskirts of Ranchi, then the various products are transported in an insulated Van to various distributors. It is by and large successful in providing a viable subsidiary occupation to unemployed rural people so as to raise their income earning capacities and to supply adequate quantity of quality milk at a reasonable price.

The company produces many dairy products such as milk, paneer, peda, dahi, and lassi. Milk has 4 SKU’s (stock keeping units) i.e., standard milk of 500 ml and 1000 ml and toned milk of 500 ml and 1000 ml. Paneer has 2 SKU’s i.e., 200gms and 500gms. Peda has 2 SKU’s 250gms and 100gms. Dahi has 5 SKU’s i.e., plain dahi of 100gms, 200gms, and 500gms; Misti dahi of 100gms; mango dahi of 100 gms. All these briefings were done by my mentor, I found this information really very fruitful and it gave me a proper understanding regarding the dairy companies, and what problems are being faced by them. We were given sales data of the year 2015-16 and 2016-17, we were told to prepare comparative sales report of both the years, which we prepared using Excel tools such as pivot table, various bar graphs, and pie charts.

So, considering my first day in the company, I got to know so much about the functioning of the company. How sales of the products are promoted, how finances are being handled, who are the investors etc. After 2 months of my internship, I am sure that I will learn a lot. I will be in a position to explain the entire operation and functioning of the Osam dairy considering the effort what my mentor putting in and the effort which I am putting in.

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