Hijab Controversy Part 1

Hijab Controversy Part 1

let us learn about hijab controversy in India

What is Hijab?

  • Head covering
  • Worn by Muslim women

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Questions related to Hijab

Is Hijab Good or Bad?

  • Points in favor of Hijab – Part of the tradition

Ethically and morally good

Protection under Article 25

  • Points against Hijab – Patriarchal Symbol

Force from community to wear it

Should girls wearing hijabs be denied education?

No, rather girls should be made educationally empowered to break the social shackles.

What are the arguments concerning the Hijab ban?


Women Empowerment:

  • Women should be free to wear what they want

Government Role:

  • Maintain public order
  • Promote social harmony

Freedom of Choice:

  • Do women really have a choice in wearing Hijab or has it been forced by the community?

How is Indian Secularism different from Western Secularism?

Western Secularism

  • Complete separation between state and religion
  • Equality between the different religious groups is focused
  • No interference of the state in religious reforms.

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Indian Secularism

  • Watchful ambivalence of state on religious affairs
  • Equality within different sects of religion is also focused
  • The state can support religious reforms.

Way Ahead

  • Opened up a new line of controversy and also a way of exploitation.
  • Girls who used to wear Hijab may feel alienated.
  • Quite possible that their parents may drop their studies to follow their practice.
  • May increase the girls’ dropout and education rate. Girls may get pushed backward socially.
  • Central and State Governments must ensure that such incidents do not take place.
  • Central Government may frame a uniform policy for the whole country.
  • It will promote social co-existence and unity among different religious groups.

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