How to crack CAT in 90 days

How to crack CAT in 90 days

90 days to CAT !

Be ready for the best time ahead of your lives to crack the biggest exam in India.

Starting fresh !

You have cracked your BMS / BCOM / graduation / engineering exams in last few days of prep – here you have  90 days – you can do it !

Few things to ponder upon –

1. No one is yet serious – get your mind frame right – get off from whatsapp and keep it on silent – you need not to present for everyone and anyone – get sincere.

2. Be sincere not serious – fix up a habit to crack this feline – pick up a habit. To start with solving.

1 DI set and 1 RC ( 35 to 40 percent of CAT)

3. Norman Lewis – some may argue – CAT doesn’t test vocab – but Hold on – a strong Vocab means better understanding of English and better comprehension of Reading – hence better RC / Better Parajumbles / Better CR.

4. logical reasoning – Shakuntala Devi book with 250 puzzles can get your kind taking and bend your grey cells plus an addition of long puzzles ( chart based – Shanti is from Punjab and like bhangra etc ) standard – 2 puzzles in each cat ( 10 percent )

5. Mock taking strategies – if you don’t know your strength and don’t analyse your mocks – it’s No use giving 20 mocks. Give 10 -15 but judiciously. Make a chart which areas you are struggling at and which you are excelling.

CAT is a patience and time management test .

–  Top 6 IIM call getter – solve 80 questions and get 60 correct.

–  New IIMs – solve 60 questions and get sharp 40 -45 correct.

Solving less than 60 would not be sufficient – speed up your attempts !

Mumbai kids – avoid buying a 9 days pass to Dandiya – you have life ahead to do this !

Go kick some a&& ! Remember success is the best revenge !


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