How to crack GDand PI?

How to crack GDand PI?


Hey friends!!! Now that you guys are done with major exams, we all are eagerly awaiting the results. In the mean while I would like to share with you guys some tips on how to prepare and crack GD/PI of some top rank institutes so that you all can prepare accordingly.

XLRI – Once you clear the written examination the candidates are asked to fill an application form which consists of questions seeking academic as well as behavioural details. Further, you are required to prepare a 2-minute video wherein you can unleash your creativity and add value to your existing application.

CAUTION – Please fill the behavioural related data carefully as during the interview the situations will be created which will check and access the synchronisation between your words on the form and your actual behaviour and answers during the interview.

Students are advised to have deep knowledge about the subjects, projects, current affairs as the questions will not only touch the surface but will test the depth of your knowledge. However, the focus of the interview is to judge you as a person and whether you will be a fit candidate for XLRI designed curriculum.

So, introspect and know yourself well, do not over or underestimate your capabilities, just show them the person you are and you will be fine, because it is not always necessary that you know everything but the zeal in you to learn and grow defines you and make you the person you are.


IIM’s – Be it A, B, C or any other branch of IIM tree the way to success is usually the same. Some tips to have a fun ride are:

  • Have very deep knowledge of the current affairs, they can ask you anything and everything about it. With the knowledge have an opinion, your view may not be in synch with the panellist but that is how you think and process and that is what matters. State facts to justify your point of view and engage them. They are not looking for people who think like them but people who can think clearly and stand on their own feet.
  • Be honest. They know when you are lying and then the whole mood of the interview changes. Even if you have a lamest hoppy like watching television share that rather than saying you like singing etc. But when you are mentioning your hoppy have good knowledge about it. They can even ask you the history of television so be prepared and well read.
  • If you have a work-ex have thorough knowledge about your company/companies, if fresher then about your department subjects.
  • Come across as a happy, friendly and confident person. Have a smile on your face when you greet them and talk with them during the interview. Engage them in conversation, that’s one sign the interview is going well.

Have faith in yourself and things will fall in place.





TISS –  As TISS is socially focused college so that is one aspect that they search in the candidate they are interviewing. Henceforth, the students must be socially aware about the city, state, their organisation where they have worked. Have something on your CV that shows you are socially active.


For candidates with work experience the questions revolve around your experience on the same.


The institute focuses on maintaining diversity among the students, hence candidates must ensure that their application has something that distinguishes them from the crowd.


Further in depth knowledge of the current affairs, more than knowledge they want to know your opinions on these issues, hence students are advised to read editorials to ensure they can share opinion on the various happenings along with facts to support their answers.


Be confidant, be honest about yourself and you will get through!!!


All the best!!!!


SIBM – The candidates who compete in SIBM are of extremely good quality hence one must be very well read and prepared to sail through successfully.


The first round which is written round access your ability to be imaginative and creative. How perspective you are, how you view things and how you feel about them. In the write ups candidates are advised to put forward a managerial point of view.


The second is GD or Case discussion, each person gets good amount of time to speak up, however male candidates must ensure that they never cross a girl during the discussion, the panel lay very high stress on this one point.


The next is interview, wherein before the interview you are showed a picture and you need to speak about it during the interview. The interviews are usually stress interview; hence friends Be prepared, do not panic, maintain your calm. The panel checks your knowledge on current affairs, static GK, history etc. The candidates are thus advised to be well read about the same, they not only scratch the surface but dive deep into these subjects. Thus, have clear understanding and viewpoints on the same.


During the entire process, be creative, innovative, show them how you are different from the crowd, what do you have that others don’t.


Be honest and have faith in yourself, everything will work out fine in the end.










SCHMRD – When compared with SIBM, the process for SCHMRD is a bot relaxed.


In the first round, students are asked to share a write up on a very generic topic, ranging from current affairs to social causes, second a picture or a video is shown to them and then they are asked to create a story. Here the students are advised to be creative and imaginative in their ideas.


Second round is a GD/Case discussion, the topics for which are generic, everyone is usually able to speak, however as the time is less so candidates must make sure they make entries at appropriate times and make good points. Never cross a girl during the GD, just like SIBM, SCHMRD panel also lays a lot of focus on this one aspect of male candidates.


Then comes the interview, the candidates are given a topic and are asked to share their views, they are even given a whiteboard and a pen if they wish to use it to make their viewpoint clear. The questions during the interview revolves around your work experience, role models, hygiene questions.

The interviews are not stress interview unlike SIBM, engage in a healthy discussion with the panel, put forward your view points with substantial data and you will sail through smoothly.

All the best!!!!!


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