How to prepare for MBA CET entrance (2017)

How to prepare for MBA CET entrance (2017)

How to prepare for MBA CET 2017

Start preparing for the entrance in advance:
This isn’t a entrance test that you can ace in a few weeks of cramming, in order to excel you will need to start preparing in advance at least a year prior to the examination. It helps to join a crash course or class that will help you prepare well.

Aspirants should be aware of their syllabus:

Aspirants should be well aware of their HSC syllabus and the topics covered in the textbooks. A majority of the questions that are asked in this exam are based on the theories, definitions and concepts based on the HSC syllabus thus you should be well versed with all the topics related to that subject.

Browse the books:
Its imperative to read through your books in order to have a thorough understanding of the subject. It helps to cover all the topics mentioned in the syllabus though stick to the sanctioned books.

Allot your time well:
You should ensure that you divide your time well amongst all the subjects as each subject holds equal importance and needs attention in order to excel the examination. The syllabus of the vast topics should be covered first and needs  a bit of more time thus ensure to divide your time accordingly.

Keep solving Mock tests:
Keep solving as many test questions as possible especially MCQ as a majority of the students don’t score well in the CET examination despite of preparing well and the reason of this being that they aren’t familiar with the MCQ format of answering. The answering of MCQs call for quick thinking and decision making within a span of few seconds for which hard work and practices is imperative.

Keep calm:
Its very easy to get overwhelmed during the course of preparation or examination and start your descent into the downward spiral of anxiety, thus its very important to keep calm during the course of the examination as overdosing on stress and pressure will impair your performance .

Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses:
Its always easier to plan the journey to a particular destination if you are well aware of the starting point. Its imperative to understand your strengths and weaknesses for any test preparation so that you can turn your weakness into your strong point.

Plan your preparation:
The importance of preparation and planning cannot be undermined in any task especially in the preparation of a competitive exam. Its advisable to create weekly study plans in which you assign certain chapters to be completed on a weekly basis so that you will be done with your syllabus on time.

Keep practicing hard:
Only learning chapters wont really get you anywhere as it’s the questions that you will be required to answer in the final exam. Therefore its imperative to practice..and practice..and practice until you are perfect.

Beyond studies:
We know that its important to study hard and spend a few hours daily on preparation but its also important to have time for yourself doing things that you enjoy in order to feel refreshed. Exercise, go out for walks, play sports or anything in order to relieve the stress and brace yourself for intellectual challenges.


Here are some run off the mill quick tips to keep in mind that are straight to the point and serve the purpose.

* If you have enough time for the exam, pick a chapter you are weak in and one that is important from the exam standpoint.

* Or if you do not have enough time, pick a chapter that you are comfortable, have not practiced enough and that is an important chapter.


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