How to get 100 percentile in CAT

How to get 100 percentile in CAT

How to crack cat exam with 100%tile

Everyone has a dream to score 100 percentile in CAT, but definitely to reach this goal you need to work smartly on strategies and prepare out your schedule in advance.

Seeing the amount of time left from now which is around 6 months it is essential to stick to certain points and follow them throughout. A serious preparation is more than enough to crack CAT 2018. One’s self-preparation remains the key factor as revealed by most of the toppers of the CAT. And the final few weeks are most important as per the point of preparation.

Firstly, it is important to evaluate oneself and the amount of time he can dedicate to preparation for CAT apart from other activities. Most people fail to do this and end up with an unstructured schedule which in no way is going to help. They tend to try catch up syllabus in one go rather than retaining the topic and practicing it. Preparation of a fixed schedule and sticking to it most important. Time management would play a key factor for preparation. Also, schedule should not be such that include only rigorous study schedule but including activities which you like apart from study which would relax you and some mental stability because continuous studying would make you crazy. So, first step towards the goal would be a schedule which need to be followed without fail.

Related imageNow once the schedule is in place start with collecting relevant material and stop searching for more material. Don’t confuse yourself with a lot of material because having lot of material will not guarantee learning. Instead going through the required amount of material and being systemic in approach will have more effect than collecting more material. “Zyada ka matlab behtar” would be a deadly attitude. So, to know what material need to be collected one needs to know the syllabus of CAT and optimize it. Optimization simply means making a list of topics, identifying your strong and weak areas, and accordingly the material need to be collected. After this evaluation one needs to dedicate more time to weak areas and make them strong and on other hand ensuring that the strong areas don’t land up in weak areas due to lack of preparation. Dedicating a relative number of time to each topic would be important and having adequate amount of material and not landing up with excess amount of material. One important thing would be not procrastinating and also not thinking this to be easy but just being consistent in preparation.

Preparing with the topics would not be difficult task, it just takes a good dedication towards preparation but evaluating how much is learnt is important. Taking test rather taking a good number of test regularly, analyse each and see whether there is any chance it could be improved. Continuous evaluation will give an insight on how well the topics have been prepared, where mistakes were made and take them again after analysing mistake. In final few week, giving mock test will be most important. This will be a continuous evaluation of whole preparation done throughout. This would an idea about final exam pattern of CAT and how to manage time and manage time throughout the CAT exam to attempt all questions.

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Preparation for QA would be relatively easy than RCs and LR/DI because material accessibility would a problem for LR/DI and RCs. These topics are such which needs to be done daily. Refer to different newspaper for RCs, try to get some help from previous years paper and collect it. These topics are such which need practice rather than preparation. And most important don’t fall in trap of collecting material. Instead, try solving variety of questions and learn from the insights made.

The most important of all remaining healthy throughout is most important because the preparation will be fruitful when you remain healthy and give exam. Remaining fit would ensure right physical shape which would be needed for 3 hours paper. Generally, a person with a good physical state who does some physical activity and keeps himself fit can concentrate more towards exam than the one who does not invest in keeping himself fit. Try to dedicate minimum half hour towards yourself and this would surely make you feel  better and relax your mind from study which would enable you concentrate better. Don’t think that by exercising you are wasting time but that time is somewhere adding up and enabling you to be ready to prepare. Another thing that would matter is happiness, whatever you learn should make you happy and feel good about your preparation. Some people follow a very highly specific schedule which in a course of time becomes checklist which is in way leading to downfall in their preparation. On most important thing would be that there should be takeaways everyday even if you waste a lot of time on a specific but ensure that you learn something from it.

Following these simple steps, one can surely give a best result out of their preparation and will surely improve your CAT score. Be consistent in preparation and don’t procrastinate things. Apply simple logic to every problem rather it be a difficult situation and do best from your side. Also, on the day of CAT just be happy and don’t take tension of anything, come with a cool mind and give away your test. Remember your mistakes during mock tests and try not to repeat it in your  main CAT exam.

Prepare for CAT with ease

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