How to improve grammar in English

How to improve grammar in English

English grammar is something that generally causes stress to many students as it seems to be quite confusing and complicated. However, correct grammar is a must for both writing as well as speaking skills. It is thus important to understand all the rules of grammar and apply them in a proper manner. Grammar can be seen as a game, some are well-versed with the language while some struggle with tenses, clauses, sentences and so on.

Here are some basic tips which can help you to learn and improve your English grammar.

  1. Commitment

Make it a commitment that you want to learn and use correct grammar and keep yourself motivated. Students generally find grammar uninteresting and even before start learning it end up quitting. Hence, motivation plays a crucial role in keeping you focused.

  1. Understand the logic

Always remember that there is always logic behind any grammar rule. Keep making notes of all the rules that you have learned and try understanding how it has been used in a particular sentence. Once you got the logic right, you would never make that mistake again.

  1. Read

Reading is one of the best one ways to improve grammar skills. Reading helps you to see how the grammar works. When you read, you reinforce correct grammar in your mind. Reading out loud can be much more helpful, as the combination of seeing, saying, and hearing assists in getting more clarity about what you have learned.

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  1. Keep a grammar book with you

Having a reference book nearby you can always help you out while you are learning grammar and also will help you in improving and rectifying your mistakes. In case there is any doubt regarding grammar, you can quickly refer to the book to obtain the answer.

  1. Keep your basics strong

It is crucial to spend more time on learning the basics and timely reviewing them. You can also do some sort of research to understand what are the common mistakes that a person makes in terms of grammar. This will help you to avoid those grammatical mistakes in future.

  1. Everyday Practice

One of the best ways to improve English grammar is to solve as many exercises as possible. Keep taking notes of whatever you learn and analyze your mocks to understand where you went wrong and why.

  1. Listen

Listen to your tutor or mentor very carefully while they are teaching you English Grammar. Keep on asking for the feedback so that you get the proper understanding of where are you lacking.

  1. Try to communicate more in English

This will help you in start thinking in English and then speak in English only. The more time you spend on practicing conversational English, you will get a better understanding of grammar rules.

These are few rules and tips which will definitely improve your English grammar. Do try following all the tips mentioned above and you will observe a change in yourself.

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